The Ars Paulina part 2


I’ll give information on The Ars Paulina part 2, which covers Angels that deal with zodiacal signs, in general as well as degree-wise; The former is for people that are unaware of the degree the zodiac sign was in the Sun at their birth (Not the Ascendant), and the latter is for the other.
Angels of the zodiac, general


Angels of the zodiac, degree
I will make an example of myself; the Sun was in Libra at my birth (6°- psychic), I can use both if I want. Without the degree, I fall under the angel Jael, with it it’s Gnachiel.
I once again remind the reader that these attributes apply to this system within the grimoire it was taken from, the Lesser key of Solomon (Book 3). This link leads to a copy of the entire document with afterword.

In general, Jael is Martian (as opposed to Venusian in the AP-II) and appeared as an angel dressed in white, with a black sash and black hair. He appeals more to me, not that I need His services. Gnachiel is indeed Venusian and appears as an angel dressed in black with green undertones. Same with Him, not needed for at least now.

In short, you can trace your own Sun sign and know whom to work with that way; they generally possess the attributes as mentioned in the document, but one would need to divinate to find out what one’s Angel has to offer.

If this interests you, you might want to check out part 1 if you haven’t already. 



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