I’m a Ceremonial magician in the Western tradition and this blog is my online diary of the spirits I’ve summoned and/ or work with; For me, results only matter at the end of the day. My patron and guiding deity is the Archangel of the 5th Heaven & Mars, Lord Samael and my Vice-Patron & financial manager is the Archangel Sandalphon. Glory to them, for my loyalty to them is eternal. As per 2023, Sandalphon comes first & Samael second; both still Lords. For more information on me, see here. My own life improvements thanks to my own occult work and related can be found here, as well as testimonials here.

I demand nothing but the best of myself relating to the occult; only the World Summit in the occult interests me, and being “The Best” 🏆🥇.

All material on this blog is prohibited from being copyrighted, all rights reserved 2017.
Morino Ravenberg.

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20 thoughts on “About

  1. ViksenAgro

    Hey I want your help , i am trying to summon sitri but i dont know the exact reason for getting failed , I saw your youtube vdo where you ask people to contact you for help
    Can you help !!

  2. Vkg

    Hi morino. I heard of mortifel, also an angel of death. I was wondering if you had any info about mortifel and could do a video on him. Thk u !

  3. curious


    Sorry, this is random but I couldn’t find a page about you, specifically… I”m not gonna ask where you are from (even if I am curious) because I don’t want to upset you like the others above (haha!) but… are you a polyglot? And if yes, do you actually speak all 10 languages listed at left?? Ok, I hope this doesn’t warrant a flippant response because what is obvious to you is not obvious to me (you know you!) 🙂

    I’ve looked over a few of your foreign language pages and they’re pretty grammatically accurate, whereas I’ve posted Google Translate on my website before, and it gives 80% gibberish or grammatically wrong text. I expected auto-generated as what I had on my old website, but it’s not, so if you did it, (which is the part I don’t know) I’m impressed! 🙂

    Or do you use the services of (human) translators?

    If you are indeed a polyglot, did you use magical means to learn all of those, or just a natural gift for you, (as it is for me)? Anyone who is a youtube celebrity such as yourself will have fans and that is the nature of readers: we are curious if we like you, we want to know more. I hope my question was worded respectful enough that it won’t upset you. (If I am ever able to financially, some time I would like to use your services, just not possible right this minute.)

    Thanks and hope you’ll reply.
    Bye now.

  4. Oliwia

    Hi Morino,

    I just read your bio and I also am a Libra with most houses in Scorpio. If you mind answering my question I would much appreciate it. Having houses in Scorpio how does working with Samael benefit you in the astrological aspect? I recently just started working with him.

    Thanks you 😌

  5. Agyemang Casper

    Please I need your help.
    I want you to advise me about The Grimoire of Armadel.
    I have been trying to get evoke spirit’s but I find it hard to.

    Please do I have to fast for 1 week or more…?
    Please help me out with this What should I do or eat when fasting?
    Please help me please thanks!

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