The research files vol. LVIII: Sobek


I will be covering the egyptian deity Sobek, aka the crocodile God and ruler of the Nile etc. I have no experience in working with Sobek, but have looked into Him in the past and have heard from Him via the media, and in unusual ways, either for better or worse.

Sobek is unsurprisingly Lunar (Cancer, 9°- maternal) and can be thusly be very loving, caring and compassionate, negating His more negative behavioural aspects. He is one that holds back until He sees that this isn’t necessary anymore, and then will go full throttle. I have no real advice for people that want to work with Sobek, general rules apply here.

An interesting video on Him here, detailing His nature:



Another one, albeit negative experience coming into contact with Sobek of someone that is haunted by Him and almost possessed here.


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