Misconceptions about Magick


There are numerous misconceptions about magick & I will discuss some here.

. Magick is immoral or “wrong”- This is, to anyone that practices or knows about the occult, obvious nonsense. Magick is a divine & holy art that is absolutely not for the mundane people and only for a select amount of individuals. The majority doesn’t have the necessary faculties or the interest or knowledge on this to truly achieve anything worthwhile. This is simple demonization in the same way that pagan Gods have been demonized by mainstream organized religions, which are pretty much for the most part based on nothing but hypocrisy & making profit. Magick is actual religion and communicating with higher forces.

. Practicing dooms one to Hell- This is also laughable; just because you practice magick doesn’t mean that you’ll go to hell or be condemned to an afterlife of pain & suffering. Just like all other facets of life, one shouldn’t worry about where one will end up. That is for God to decide, and it’s a waste of time to worry excessively about this. If one wishes to know how to serve God and gain entry to Heaven, there is enough written in the New Testament & other religious books to guide one.

. People that practice magick are automatically out to harm others and deal in the black arts- again, bullshit; Magick is like all other things in life, and it is entirely up to the operator or practitioner to decide what kind of magick he gets involved into, not that it matters. harming someone is totally up for grabs and fair, depending on the circumstances. This is real life, NOT some fairy tale in which doing so is against the rules.

. Magick is easy- sigh, more bullshit; Magick is the most important thing one will do in His/ Her lifetime and for that reason, it’s like rocket science, only 1000 times more complex. You’ll get somewhere with the right guidance and information after years, not in a month or so.

. All magick is the same; nope- there are a whole range of magickal systems and they all vary more or less, and some are or have roots in culture or a certain ethnic group. There’s Necromancy, Chaos magick, Obeah, Santeria, Voodoo and so on…..


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