Why most occultists are poor


Yup; it’s time for that talk again, one that numerous others have covered. But I felt still like doing so after a talk about this with someone last night. Occultists in general are poor and have or lead unstable financial lives and worst yet, most occult theories teach or preach that this is just the way things are. I obviously call bullshit on this one. It is realistically possible to become filthy rich by utilizing the occult.

Reasons for occultists and the occult community being broke are varying, but in general they are just that due to having that as a character trait; an example I can give is that I have at least 2 friends that have Jupiter going retrograde in their natal chart in the 2nd house, which means them being poor as fuck.
Other reason is that they’re irresponsible and fritter money away quicker than they can earn it and/ or live above their pay grade.
Lastly, their practices are ineffective; they just perform rituals without any clear or long lasting results.

It is true unfortunately, they are in general nothing but a bunch of bottom feeders & parasites. But the occult isn’t the reason that they are that way; that’s like blaming a car for not being able to take you where you want to go. You are the catalyst, period. Blame the man, not the system. I have no issues with money thanks to my own skill and talent; and I don’t have to work some boring, dull or mundane job (which I hate). I practice magick for a living and all is well, and this is only the beginning for me. I make more now a month than I have working mundane jobs for 8 years. So it can be done.



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