The secret to power


I’m going to go deep into the secret to drawing in as much power is possible, or extracting as much energy as possible from a spirit in workings.

There are 2 things one needs to keep in mind:

A. Bonding; if you’re going to work with a spirit, do so because you want to and not just because you want results (similar to working a job you only do for the money). It has to be generally because you feel drawn to Him/ Her. Spend time with Him/ Her, getting to know that spirit and so on.
B. Gift Giving; if someone on the street won’t even give you $5 for no reason, why would a spirit that is much, much better than the average person? The way of the world is give something, take something; energy for energy, tit for tat. If you want a spirit you’re working with to give you as much as possible in the way of results, you’ll have to reciprocate via the same medium. Generally a spirit will want things relating to His/Her sphere. Examples are Martian spirits- red gemstones (Garnet) & weapons of war, Venusian spirits- green gemstones (Emerald) & plants.

If you want a spirit you’re working with to make you rich, then wealth gifts will do in general (gold, silver, and so on). They will also tell you what they’d like in some cases.
Most of the goals I’ve achieved that are noteworthy have been because of my above mentioned method of operation. This is what it takes to break the bank and make the ground quake. The only thing left is time, since it will simply be a matter of time before you get what you want. Don’t forget the exceptions I mention in workings as I mentioned in this article. Below a few images as an example.



The altar to my patron, the Archangel Lord Samael; He rules Mars, so as you can see: weapons galore on His altar.


The old altar to my financial manager, the Archangel Sandalphon; He corresponds to Earth & Venus, so as you can see: plants and earth-based items (e.g. salt, sugar)


  • I have all of this confirmed via my own divinations, so this method of working is set in stone. My point is clear regarding this article.
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