How an enemy is destroyed


I’ll be discussing, in this article, how entities or how energy works in terms of destroying someone or doing damage; this will be short, as the answer is simple: using the shortest or easiest way possible. They will target existing weaknesses within someone in the form of traits and so on, similar to an antivirus app scanning for viruses. If someone possesses the character trait that he cannot get along with bosses, then black magick aimed at someone like that will make working circumstances for that person significantly worse. See? the existing weakness has been taken and made worse, leading to that person’s agony, similar to a fighter targeting a broken leg on his opponent in order to get the job done. The initial example is taken from my own life, as this happened to me, back when I still worked a mundane job and I was heavily targeted by occult enemies. As usual, magick will take the easiest way to accomplish its task. Adversely, these same weaknesses and strengths will be enforced when being positively affected; I am literally 10 times stronger than I was before in my life, for these same reasons. I’m thriving in a relative sense, despite my toxic environment.


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