The research files vol. LXII: Loki


It’s Loki’s turn, as He has asked me. Funny, a short while after writing on Thor He appeared and told me to write about Him. TOLD, mind you, not asked. My patron was like “What did you just say?”. And then Loki apologized and said “Can you please write about me, I’ll be mighty grateful”.

To no surprise, and based on Loki’s profile it turns out that He’s Lunar (6°/13°- imprudent/ fluidity). So for clairvoyance and other things relating to water e.g. naval matters or destruction, as in stopping something, it’s Loki. One would have to consult Him to know what help He can offer exactly, of course in personal affairs but that it’s in general. Read His Wiki page, and you’ll clearly see the Lunar associations. Regarding appearance it’s the same pretty much: A man in a robe, with horns and a green glow. I must say that the movie franchise Thor depicts Him well. Loki has potential overall, so don’t underestimate Him.

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