My one-night stand with Lilith


I will give a summary of my work with Lilith in this article; for those that do not know what/ who Lilith is, she is a demoness of significant importance and seen as the grand lady of all demons. See this Wiki page.

Lilith corresponds to Jupiter with Pisces as a zodiac sign(21°); her Lunar influence is so strong that it can safely be considered that she is Lunar in nature rather than Jupiterian, hence me also working with Moon- correspondences in this ritual. Her skills are that she is the mistress of clairvoyance. My reason for invoking her to begin with was because I was inspired by another article I read online on her briefly and wanted to know what I would stand to gain from a one-time ritual. The answer was, to my surprise, a welcome boost in intuitive and psychic skills. I went ahead with the ritual & it was not at all like I anticipated; I felt a calm & cool energy come over me and she confirmed everything, along with asking me questions on my bond with Samael which is her husband. Interesting to note that she also has Aries-related skills (of a physical nature, aggression etc.), which were adopted and influenced by him albeit to a lesser degree. Her voice is calm, and soothing. She appeared as an empress, wearing completely black like a Goth figure and also as the modern tomboy-ish woman, very attractive. Also briefly as a Coral snake. She has also told me that she does not like spicy food (which I offered) and is more fond of fluids like soup etc. but will accept it this time since I didn’t know.

In return for my offerings, she did as she promised and the consequence is that I saw results within 2 days; I have become more detail-conscious in my workings since that, along with the fact that I started audio recordings of my rituals which is inspired by her. I have experienced an increase in my astral senses, seeing clear layers of energy. The only drawback is that this came at the cost of rage and fits of anger I experienced every now & then.

The seal she gave me: 



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