The Research files vol. LVII: Azazel


Aah, Azazel, the scapegoat as I know Him; whenever I hear His name, I think of the scapegoat or EA Koetting (lol); But in all seriousness, I shall be talking about the fallen angel Azazel here.

I have never directly dealt with Him, but I have worked with a few spirits that fall under Him, all of which are infernals. Those two are Froghlatasch & Salasash.
He does remind me of L. Rofocale in terms of looks, appearing as a dark, demonic, bulky- looking creature with horns sometimes and other times without. Aside from just now, I have seen him once or twice when summoning his aforementioned subjects. I remember that after a ritual a while back with one of them, that He told me “I have to go, my master Azazel is calling me” and there Azazel was. Koetting’s story on how He adopted Azazel as a patron is nice too, makes for a good horror or sci-fi story in his Book of Azazel.
Now let me get to it; Azazel is martian (Aries, 24°- wanton) and has quite some power to Him, but working with Him will bring good fortune at the cost of some other misfortune. Typical infernal for me, since a good deal of them I know work this way. Nevertheless, He’s not one to be underestimated. Works aggressively, but that’s almost needless to say because of the martian-ness.



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