The research files XCIII: Mammon


Most people have heard of Mammon, as it is mentioned in the New Testament “You cannot serve both God and mammon”. He is the personification of material greed and wealth, and I’ll be covering him here.

Mammon is Venusian (0° in Libra) and excels indeed at money and financial matters; nothing else as speciality. One can really count on Him generally speaking, since He is eager to aid. There is nothing else really to say about Him. Appearance reminds me somewhat of Lucifer; a huge naked blond guy, and doesn’t talk much. It should be noted that we’re talking about an egregore or thoughtform that symbolizes wealth and the evils that tarnish it. Mammon however shows no signs of drawbacks in general; it depends more on the aid-asker’s conditions & circumstances.

Lastly, there is no real credible work out there on Him as far as I can tell; nothing but nonsense from wannabe sorcerers that don’t know what they’re doing.




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