How to maintain one’s mental health


This is going to be a mainstream article; in this, as the header states, I shall be covering how to see to one’s mental health as in keeping yourself psychologically healthy overall the same way you do simple things to keep yourself physically healthy.

1. Meditation; this simply involves calming your mind down and trying as hard as possible, without straining yourself, to silence your mind and to tell yourself either verbally out loud or if not an option in your mind, that you are calm and relaxed etc.
Empty yourself from all your thoughts and try to thrive during this exercise on nothingness. You’ll see that doing this even once a day will make you a lot calmer and stress-free.

2. Massages; getting a relax-massage, the type where calm, soothing music is playing in the background will do wonders and you’ll feel relaxed and calmer mentally; the appropriate frequency can be 1 to 2 times a week.

3. Introspection; being alone whether it’s outdoor or indoors will also help a lot and go a long way for one’s mental health, especially if you’re someone that is surrounded by people or general congestion. Being able to retreat to a place where there is none of that & have access to privacy where you can “do, say and act as you please” is golden.

4. Music; Listening to your favorite kind of music (undisturbed) will generally provide you with a sense of ease and calmness needed to prevent yourself from “flipping out & losing it”.

5. Long inhales & exhales; breathing in & out deeply will help in relieving stress, simple yet effective. Combined with #1, even better.

6. Vegetation; surrounding yourself with vegetation will help a lot as well- e.g. indoor plants that have detoxifying properties will aid in clearing the air & consequently, make you mentally healthier.

7. Nudity; being nude isn’t something that should be underestimated- your clothes in general constrict your body, and as a result you don’t take in as much air, and therefore (astral) energy (in ref. to breathing earlier). Walk nude around your living area (all the while keeping it private of course, and unseen by others) and go about your day, and you’ll see how much better you’ll feel (in general) after half a day even, let alone longer- I’d recommend doing so once a week in addition to the aforementioned points.


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– The Mental Drawbacks That The Occult Can Have –

The occult and practicing magick can have its drawbacks too; a magician that deals with summoning and dealing with energy can experience negative things such as a whole slew of mental negative emotions, e.g. anxiety, depression, fear, self-loathing, disgust and so on. Doesn’t have to be the case, but it is more often than not. It’s similar to athletes and how they frequently experience broken bones, torn tendons and muscles and so on; They ache physically, and a magician can ache mentally. You need to be strong as a mage and when I say strong, I mean Iron Man levels of strong. If you’re not, then you better become so quickly if you don’t want to lose your mind, because that is a definite possibility. One can drown in astral waters, so learn how to swim and stay afloat.

My personality is of such a nature that I have karmic vibes, thereby meaning that if I perform heavy operations (which I am non-stop pretty much) I feel the burn mentally. As is the case at the moment, I wake up every morning bombarded my thoughts of anger, hate, and vengefulness towards my enemies more or less. Neurosis and self-delusive thoughts hit me from time to time like waves, but I am able to manage them. As the saying goes, no pain no gain. Being a magician is not all getting what you want via ritual and not having to endure any negative side-effects. There is nothing that can be done about this, as this is who I am to the core as my natal chart clearly displays. This also applies in general. I don’t mind because I’m aware of all of this. I am willing to go through whatever lengths I need to go through in order to become stronger. It’s all or nothing.

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