The importance of seeing yourself realistically


It’s of vital importance to see yourself the way the world sees you, so the way you factually are; most people in the world cannot do so, which is a big problem. The reason for that is that when you’re born & grow up, you’re used to seeing yourself and have an “incorrect” and biased view of yourself; you build yourself up and in your eyes you’re some kind of heavenly creature, so to speak, that can’t do or say anything wrong. This is a lack of objectivity, as outlined in this article. People are by nature biased towards themselves and excuse their faults (up to ridiculous levels even) to themselves, rather than admit to their own faults & shortcomings- let alone do something constructively about it. Weak people especially do this.

So how does one go about solving their own issues regarding the above-mentioned? There are some practical, easy steps you can follow or can do to enable self-viewership & objectivity, and to see yourself the way the world sees you. So the way you ARE, FACTUALLY. See below:

  • Get a True Mirror- a true mirror is not like a regular mirror, in the sense that you will, with a true one, be able to see yourself from someone else’s point of view. See here for info on it & here to buy it. You can alternatively also take a selfie with a camera.
  • Record your own voice when speaking; and you’ll hear what you sound like to the rest of the world, the way you TRULY sound like.
  • Video record yourself- obviously do so and go about your day…think about CCTV style footage; in the beginning you’ll be self-conscious, but later on you’ll forget about it & then after a good while, e.g. a month, you can view yourself in the recording around the time you’ve forgotten about it on tape, so to speak. A nanny cam or hidden camera would also work. And THEN you’ll see how you truly behave & are.

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