The research files vol. LXXIX: Poseidon


I’ll be covering the greek god Poseidon today; He was known by the greeks for being Lord of the sea for one, and horses. He was known as Neptune by the Romans.

Poseidon offers to the average person the ability to deal with others in a proper manner, in the way of relationships and marriages; these kind of close bonds can under Him be very gentle and fun loving. Other things are the ability to see through situations and the motives of others in daily life, as well as overall progress in everyday or common dealings.

Poseidon is solar (4° in Leo- researcher) and a stable one to work with, but He does place boundaries on what He does and how far He’ll go in working with someone or workings, as more than a few gods have this trait I’ve come to notice. He appears as an old man in white robe, holding a trident.


The Research files vol. XLIX: Araquiel


I invoked the planet Venus for sending me a spirit that deals with a customer’s affairs regarding love; Venus sent me the angel Araquiel, that specializes as He has told me in beauty and relationships. He looks like a librarian, enjoying reading and surfing the web. Just a general appearance in a blue/ green robe, with glasses on sometimes. His corresponding sign is Libra, and He gave me seal, which was the sign of Libra within a solomonic hexagram. I created Venusian pentacles for this guy too, to strengthen the effect of this working, specifically the ones that deal with love matters. I just thought to share this entry, since it is interesting. I remember that He appeared before me, even before I hosted a ritual & The Archangel Anael told me that He would send this guy.

Here His altar and the seal visible:

unnamed (1)

Here the pentacles:



The research files vol. XL: Andras


The goetic spirit Andras is the 63rd one mentioned in the Lesser key of Solomon’s Goetia; He is said to be aggressive and will kill a magician that isn’t careful. I have not summoned Him myself, but I have done extensive research on Him, and He is Venusian in nature (Taurus, 17°). He is said in the Goetia to be able to sow discord, so break up relationships and cause strife among people, but this is not His strongest trait by far. His strongest trait is finances, and that is what He would have to offer me if I were to summon Him. This is just something to keep in mind; just because a grimoire says that a spirit possesses these attributes doesn’t mean that He indeed does do so. Andras is an example of that, in the sense that He does not have discord as His forte or specialty. It is true that He is aggressive and care does need to be taken, as Andras will proceed with caution too, if called upon.



The Research files vol. XXXVIV: Fro’ghla’tasch


Fro’ghla’tasch from EA Koetting’s book of Azazel is another spirit that is adept at love/ sex related matters. I also invoked Him way back and again, no result. But again, due to a lack of opportunities than anything else. Here below a page out of His book:



I can’t remember what Fro’ghla’tasch looked like when I summoned Him, but he is Venusian in nature (Libra, 2°) & quite skilled when it comes to related matters, so yes: Love & sex and building/ creating any kind of relationship with someone, whether it be social, friendship or more is doable with Him. He will do so in a good and balancing way. Very interesting to see an infernal being so sensitive and working in such a cool manner.


The Research files vol. XXXVIII: Sidragosum


It has been ages ago or at least seemed that way when I called forth this guy, and he stems from the grimoire Grimorium Verum; It is no other than the bringer of sex as the grimoire describes Him, the spirit Sidragosum. In short, when I invoked Him back then, the working failed but due to a lack of resources rather than His own shortcomings. Nevertheless, He will make a fine addition to my list of spirits suited for love/ sex.

Sidragosum is Aquarian in nature (28°), and therefore Saturnian, but the drawback is that he lacks power, as the research suggests. But experience indicates that He more than makes up for that with sheer eagerness, and reminds me a bit of Satan here. He is very determined and will do His very best for you. This is just another example to not take what a grimoire says at face value. The devil lies in the details. I remember when I invoked Him, he appeared as an alien-looking like creature with sharp fangs and being small in stature. He did make odd requests from me, but other than that nothing to note. To be honest, He is a jack of all trades and deals in all Aquarian matters, as well as psychic affairs. So not specifically sex. He’ll do so in general by having you socialize with people or something similar and will get you sex that way.

A self-made seal was used that is made with a Hebrew Rose cross.


The research files vol. XXI: Sitri


I’ll touch base on my recent invocation of the goetic spirit Sitri for a customer; Sitri specializes in love and sex and that is what this client wanted; attention from women and related.

This is the 2nd time that I have invoked Sitri, and it differed very much from when I invoked him the 1st time. That was a good and long time ago, and was one of my beginning articles. I have grown significantly stronger since then, as he also stated. One of his comments was “You weren’t nearly as strong & adept as you are now”. I remember that when I invoked him the 1st time, that I couldn’t even see him. It was more voices and related. This was, as I mentioned in the previous article, much more intense and interesting. When I invoked Sitri, he appeared as the default and traditional appearance the Goetia lists; a man-leopard hybrid. The funny thing is that he kept wagging his long tail during the ritual, like a lion in the Serengeti looking at his prey, although no threats towards me were made or anything. Sitri is Mercurial in nature and corresponds to the zodiac sign Gemini (9°). His aura made me forget things and there is something about it that made me nauseous and feel sick. I started feeling a bit wobbly, but My Lord Samael appeared behind me and guided me through the rest of the ritual, making me feel 100% again. Sitri is also fond of the Sun, and aside from my clients’ inquiry, he told me too that I can use Solar attributes, aside from Mercurial ones. He is one of the very few Geminis that I’ve dealt with that leaves heavy residual energy, burning-like and mentioned that he’s left handed. Also that he was from the order of Angels.



*Sitri has shown me his second form, which is human in appearance; an angel, dressed in a blue/ orange robe, with dark sandals & white wings. 


The research files vol. XVII: Zepar


I came across the goetic spirit Zepar when I needed a spirit for a customer that wanted her love life helped or boosted; she wanted someone in particular, but my collection of candidates did not appeal to me as much. I flipped through the Goetia and I saw his name and seal, and for some reason I felt strangely drawn to it. Up to this date, I have assigned 5 projects to Zepar; 2 are ongoing,  2 have been canceled and he has been called back & 1 has been successful. The last one got some, in the sense that he got back with his ex and they “did it”. The canceled ones are due to the customers not living up to made agreements. We shall see how the ongoing ones turn out.

Regarding Zepar, the Goetia mention that he is a Duke, will appear as a soldier in red and has the ability to make women love men and make people barren or infertile. He did take that appearance more or less indeed when I invoked him; a soldier dressed in medieval harness with a red feather on his helmet. He speaks with 2 voices, the one is more soldier-like, and the other more hunter-like. He has told me that he has ties to Mars and appears to have a golden wings and a golden/ reddish glow about him. He is Solar in nature (17°) and therefore has golden wings. Interestingly, he held a sword in his hands in the beginning, but held a rifle when I lastly invoked him. His harness creaks the same way as a real one would when he walks. He was unable to read my thoughts in the beginning and read & made assumptions as he stated “based on my body language”. He is able to do so now, however, since we have gotten better acquainted. His energy is radiating, but has a unique feel to it. The temperature in the room increased too, the first time.

An idea on what he looks like:




The research files vol. XV: Anael


I got to invoking the Archangel Anael, that rules the planet Venus, a good time ago for two customers and I am very pleased to say that the 2nd one, that wanted love, has gotten what he wanted after 10 days. The first customer is still a work in progress and interesting thing was that Anael appeared to me and offered his services to help him out. Regarding the second one, I got to full blown invocation on that matter.

Anael appeared as a Caucasian man, dressed in a green robe and black sandals. He held several things in his hands, sometimes a spear and other times something else. Big, beautiful green wings could be seen and he had black hair, curly hair that dropped down to the front of his face. Anael’s voice is divine and strong too, similar to Zadkiel but without the echoing effect and silencing the environment. He also wore black bangles or something similar to that on his wrists. He is the strong, silent type and does not like to waste time and wanted to talk only about the necessities. He favors light, hence me leaving all the lights on. Regarding color, he likes green and black. When reciting the oration, he helped me by reciting too and his voice became so overwhelming at a certain point that my own voice was drowned out. When it comes to skills, he rules Venus that in its turn rules Libra & Taurus, so things like friendship, love and related along with the arts or all art forms can all be considered his forte. Interesting thing lastly; I smell a rose scent and have his thanks while writing this.



Seal Anael

  • Unfortunately, the client did not live up to his end of the agreement, does not want to pay me and therefore will be punished oh so severely by Anael. He will take away this service and devastate/ traumatize him romantically.