The 7th Pentacle of Mars


I undertook this project because I wanted to test my mettle, so to speak & wanted to, for bravado’s sake, cause hail & tempest just like the pentacle says (lol). No, but in all seriousness..this thing got me excited a bunch; see the description below.

The Seventh and Last Pentacle of Mars. – write thou this upon
Virgin Parchment Paper with the blood of a bat, in the day and hour of Mars; and
uncover it within the Circle, invoking the Demons Spirits of the Nature of Mars, especially those which are written in the whose Names are therein written; and thou shalt immediately see hail and tempest.

I went to work and made the Pentacle etc. as instructed (PS. Virgin parchment means clean, untouched/unused paper is all, and no bat blood needed- I used Dragon’s Blood oil & Incense). I also performed boosts, as a means of making it stronger at max. levels, specifically 5 times- every Tuesday, at night when Mars was at its absolute strongest. See the below video for the effects of the Pentacle.

This is what the consecration looked like, I recorded one of my sessions on June the 27th 2023 (PS. the red scarf looking cloth around my neck is just for empowerment’s sake- was optional but I still decided to go with it).

This is to give you an idea of what the demons of the Pentacle as I- as well as the descriptions stated look & sound like:








The oration I use(d) can be found here; you can use it yourself if you undertake this operation, but (obviously) will have to make some edits here & there..
I made my own Pentacle (as mentioned in beginning video or similar), see here.
I carried out the operation on the 11th of July, as can be seen below as well as the weather forecast and what the weather looked like in video.

  • Forecast (pay attention to the date between 11 & 16 July 2023, the RealFeel so actual temperature is around 40°C).
  • The forecast video.

Behold, Results!:

and there you go! I decided to call it quits on day 3 because I had already seen enough for my own personal taste; notable things that happened afterwards were that an application on my computer, specifically WinZip, all of a sudden started malfunctioning – this is before I officially closed everything off and deactivated the pentacle etc. I obviously feel more relaxed because there is no high level of Martian energy surrounding me & the pressure that I felt on day one especially that I had to briefly get used to, specifically on my forehead, is disappearing. I did see plenty of hellraising tempest, but that was purely astrally, so NOT in the material world (rest assured that this is a given based on the description of the Pentacle; it was only generally speaking meant to be used within a magickal circle or similar, during other magickal operations). Nevertheless, I am MORE than SATISFIED with the results 🙂

I covered up the pentacle after deactivating it, “turning it off” as well as the oration & placed it inside the Temple, along with my scarf of empowerment. Done. I know what to do (duh) if I ever have need of it again.

Something that people definitely need to remember is that this Pentacle as well as the rest in general are meant to be used in addition so as an extension to a magical operation specifically within the confines of your magical workspace eg a magical circle ⭕. 

That already speaks of how impressive what I did is in itself; the area of effect.. it’s absolutely devastating.

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