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The practical Kabbalah is a kabbalistic grimoire that goes deep & extensively into the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life; it covers things like the pathways in between the sepirah and so on. I like this book ,and those that love the Kabbalah will love it.

I’m here to discuss 2 Angels mentioned in this book, and their skills; Elemiah & Lehalel, both of which are Seraphim.

Elemiah is Martian (Scorpio, 15°- unknown) and specializes in Clairvoyance (e.g. Necromancy) and related. Appearance is that of an angel in black, with fiery wings, stern and strict in etiquette.
Lehalel is Saturnian (Aquarius, 26°- demonstration) and pretty much the opposite of Elemiah, being warm & sympathetic; He excels in overall life success and can help one get rid of negative karma. Appears as an angel in white.

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  1. Vince Cashmere

    Well I down loaded the Practical Kabbalah. from you and said Zip not . I wanted the information I found it interesting as most things you present. The Moses the sword of Moses that came through no problem downloaded and I can open it anytime this is done through a different format it says PK zip don’t know what that is but my phone smartphone and tablet wouldn’t take it. Hope I can get it some other ways the Practical Kabbalah is what I’m looking to open up thank you.

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