The research files vol. X: My Magnum Opus


Hello again, all; it has been some time since I wrote anything and the reason was/ is that I mainly do not feel like it, despite there being enough material. In this work, I will cover my Magnum Opus aka baddest spirit yet, aside from my Lord Samael. This is only that in a research file sense.

I have always been fond of Fire within the occult and that is also the energy that I lack the most, spiritually. I wanted to summon one of “God’s bodyguards” aka the Seraphim. I am not referring to just any angel, since My Lord Samael can also be considered one, but an actual member of the Order. There is no grimoire that I know of that lists a Seraph. I approached my Lord Samael for the information on one, and after some pleading from me, I got the name and seal of one; I was so excited and went to work. The thing is that these highest order ranking Angels are generally not suited for occult work, and I experienced firsthand why.

When I invoked him, right from the start, he wanted or tried to dominate the ritual. A neutral person would laugh his ass of, since this Seraph came off as if he were a rambunctious 20-year old. To give some examples, here parts of the conversation:

Me: reciting the oration
Him “You can stop, I am already here”

Me: You have a scroll in your hand, what’s in it or written on it?
Him “None of your damn business!”

His entire attitude was bossy, domineering and asshole-ish; “I need you not, you need me!” was another one, as well as name-calling, “Asswipe”, ” Dumbass”. Defiance and rebellious are some of the phrases that one can describe him as. I did not joke around and maintained my calmness and composure. The warmth in the room rose during it overall to great degrees and my hands felt like they were on Fire.



Unfortunately, he did not complete the task given or assigned to him until now and more than a month has passed. But that is due to him being immature & irresponsible, as opposed to him not being able to do what he was told to do. Below his data:

. Name: Zacharija.
. Planet & Zodiacal nature: Mars, Aries.
. Appearance: Angel with 6 wings, dressed in white/black & holding scroll in hand.
. Skill: Destroying enemies, burning things up, causing forest- & field fires. 
. His Seal

-Update per 4/28/2019-

I have gained more experience in working with Zacharija, and have come to the conclusion that it’s impractical to work with Him as well as Seraphs/Cherubs in general, for anything in general. They can be worked with, but it depends on the goal in question. The side-effects/drawbacks and toll they take on an operator is great.  


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