Remote viewing


Remote viewing is a lot like Astral traveling, but still different; I have experience in this, and will share them below. By doing so, you are able to get information on a target or object by thinking about a target in astral form and you will see it or him/ her in front of you in the period of time etc. as determined by you.

If interested in how to do so, see this video.
I focused on this in the past, a year approximately ago and did get results, but they regressed later on as time went by to the point where the exercise failed. I first thought about an australian politician, and saw her and related in front of me with details etc. & would later look up on whether the statements given to me in astral form were true, and for the first three or four practises I did, they were. I had a 90% success rate this way. I also visited several places, including Argentina, Canada and so on and everything was on the dot. And I’m talking detailed information, I saw monuments and ferris wheels that are really present in those locations. But as mentioned before, everything just regressed to the point where my 90% rate turned into a 5%. So I stopped. Interesting to know is that the US government has also dealt and focused on this in the past, see here.



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