The research files vol. LXXXIII: Metatron


I’ll be covering the Archangel Metatron today; He is the ruler of the kabbalistic sphere Kether, representing cosmic wisdom and power through which God manifests into the rest of our world. Interesting to note that His face also appears on the first pentacle of the Sun, and known as the “face of God”; see the featured image.

From an occult point of view, I can see why Metatron has the highest position in the kabbalah; He corresponds to Scorpio (20°- unconventional) and is not Martian obviously, but it refers to His way of working, which is intense; Metatron is such a versatile one; can provide money, clairvoyance & understanding of the universe/ cosmos, prominence + the ability to be a good spokesman, thereby gaining support from parties, mastery of practically any artform (e.g. science, metaphysics) & information on past lives. All of the aforementioned are what He offers as a strong suit and as I mentioned before, He’s quite the multi-tasker.

Appearance is that of a transparent old man with beard, but in all honesty it can safely be stated that He has none, and He told me this too; I saw Him change forms intermittently and the above-mentioned form is a projection of my own subconscious as how to see Him. But an old man with a beard dressed in a white robe is His general appearance.


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7 thoughts on “The research files vol. LXXXIII: Metatron

  1. Daedal Virtuoso

    i have a question
    if an angel has returned or incarnated back into the present moment is it possible to invoke thier spirit? hows that work? how are mediums or people claiming to speak with an angel that has returned? is this possible ? imasking cuz i know for 100% fact metatron has returned in the 70’s hes not only showing proof through all his amzing abilities and knowledge of everything but he is crearting new sacred geometry….i dont know when the last time someone created new sacred geometery but this guy is and it links to his cube….all i know is truth is perception of the observer but mathmatics is absolute and this guy has serious math backing up everything he says!

    • MorinoRavenberg

      What are you talking about, with the exception of Metatron and Elijah that have gained Angelic status by the way Elijah has turned into Sandalphon, angels are not reincarnated because they’re not human beings; they’re Celestial Spirits created by God and destroyed by him whenever he sees fit.

  2. Nancy Larry

    Hi, I am Nancy. Is it possible for you to invoke or summon Archangel Metatron for me and my daughter for the possose of providng prosperity and Abundance and gaurdance if so, how much will it cost;

    and what would you require from me. also do you provide picture of the rite?

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