The research files vol. LXXVII: Hades


Now it’s my turn, as He asked me. Hades has to be one of my favorites in terms of greek gods, but then again I always felt to dark spirits. Hades is the greek god for the underworld and of death, the greek version of Satan, to put it that way.

He is Saturnian with a hint of Plutonian, unsurprisingly (28° in Capricorn- public) and is coercive by nature, very forceful and domineering; He can aid one in matters of clairvoyance & necromancy, and other general affairs e.g. financial aid, developing bonds with others and prominence.

He has told me that He isn’t just good at the necromancy bit that all know Him for, and likes to commit to the other tasks too. He appears as a man encircled by darkness, and also as a dark roman infantryman.


The research files vol. LX: Seere


I’ll be doing the goetic spirit Seere this time; He has other names, see the description from the goetia below. His name occurred to me just now, and there He was; I do like His appearance, like the goetia states: A beautiful man riding a horse, and He threw a marker in the ground. My patron told me that it’s just like a beacon for Him, to “save” people that He wants to work with. I told Seere that I’ll keep Him in mind, an interesting one for sure. Here His description with seals:



Seere’s Aquarian (17°, discernment) and thus falls under Saturn so to speak; I didn’t know what the description meant, attribute-wise, but it became clear after the checkup. I thought at first that it was referring to Him being able to help with travel, but no; Seere excels at clairvoyance and abundance therein. So if you want to learn anything occult wise, then Seere’s your man. Traveling refers to mental, NOT physically. Examples are time-traveling, astral projection etc. He’s friendly, and an initiative-taker. Reminds me a bit of Bathin.


The research files vol. XLV: Cronus


I will be covering the Titan God Kronos in this episode of my research files; He is the first and main Titan God and ruled over Greeks, as invented by them, during the “Golden age“. This was after He overthrew His father Ouranos.

Links to all you wish to know are already given above, I will discuss the occult aspect of Kronos and He does have a good deal to offer; He is indeed as indicated in His story, Saturnian (Aquarius, 6°- Discipline) and can aid in general Saturnian affairs; strength, overall success in any endeavour, prosperity and so on. He is dualistic in the sense that He can be stern and sympathetic at the same time, warm-hearted and affectionate. He also excels at psychic matters, as in teaching one how to practice all types of clairvoyance, and so on. Kronos is one of those rare pagan Gods that has real power, so it’s worth your time to work with Him. He states that no seal need be used; if you still want to use one, Saturn’s logo will be just fine. His appearance is that of an old man or a younger version of said man with a stick in His hand, wearing a black or navy blue (dark blue) robe. Kronos is also known as the God of time, and He can definitely make one wiser regarding this.


The Research files vol. XLII: Tzaphkiel


I invoked the archangel Tzaphkiel due to the fact that I had bought a laptop that crashed after just a few days because I disabled updates on Windows 10; Tzaphkiel rules Saturn with its zodiac signs Aquarius & Capricorn. The former deals with technology generally speaking, hence it being linked with the planet Uranus too. This laptop gave me so such trouble, that, after trying everything I was on the verge of throwing it away, but then I thought of doing this.

When Tzaphkiel appeared, He looked like a modern gothic figure, dressed in a black robe with a staff in hand and long, black hair; He also wore a longhat in the beginning, but removed it later on. I performed a one-time invocation and He told me to place the laptop on the altar, and afterwards His seal on it when starting it. The impossible happened: it started up! Drawback is that, as His energy faded over time (1hr.), so did the laptop’s functionality. I committed to ultimate work, but even that didn’t work due to a lack of resources. Pictures of the altar, etc. and a unique seal He gave me are here. Watch the video too if you want, explains everything better.



There has been another instance too, where I had internet issues and He helped me after an invocation by making me use other resources to aid in said matter that were available, the likes of which I never would’ve thought of.


The Research files vol. XXXVIII: Sidragosum


It has been ages ago or at least seemed that way when I called forth this guy, and he stems from the grimoire Grimorium Verum; It is no other than the bringer of sex as the grimoire describes Him, the spirit Sidragosum. In short, when I invoked Him back then, the working failed but due to a lack of resources rather than His own shortcomings. Nevertheless, He will make a fine addition to my list of spirits suited for love/ sex.

Sidragosum is Aquarian in nature (28°), and therefore Saturnian, but the drawback is that he lacks power, as the research suggests. But experience indicates that He more than makes up for that with sheer eagerness, and reminds me a bit of Satan here. He is very determined and will do His very best for you. This is just another example to not take what a grimoire says at face value. The devil lies in the details. I remember when I invoked Him, he appeared as an alien-looking like creature with sharp fangs and being small in stature. He did make odd requests from me, but other than that nothing to note. To be honest, He is a jack of all trades and deals in all Aquarian matters, as well as psychic affairs. So not specifically sex. He’ll do so in general by having you socialize with people or something similar and will get you sex that way.

A self-made seal was used that is made with a Hebrew Rose cross.


The Research Files Vol. XXXIV: Pazuzu


As I mentioned in the files XXXIII, I started researching weather spirits, and the first one that I had my eye on and felt drawn to after reading something somewhere about him was Pazuzu. In short, he is a Assyrian/Babylonian demonic god that specializes in altering the weather, storms, drought etc & protection- read more about him here.

Pazuzu is Saturnian in nature (Capricorn, 23°), and has a hint of Aquarius (20°); in this case, his former attribute serves for protecting and chasing away evil spirits & the latter for weather changes. I tested out his powers by invoking him and asking him for rainfall that was a nuisance in my neighborhood or region to cease, since it rained heavily, multiple times a day. I had two weeks in mind, but he said that a week is the best that he could do for me. Here data below before and after the ritual, which was done on July 1st, 2017.

Before ritual:

Before ritual

After ritual:

After ritual

Rain gradually decreased, and the last 3 days have been completely free of rain with really nice weather. You can clearly see the difference in forecast before ritual. My excuses for the haziness of the after ritual graph, but that’s due to the fact that it’s weather history and most weather websites display it that way. I’m content and therefore deem this operation a success; my divinatory readings did indicate that I was overreaching myself though, and the fact that he told me that 2 weeks isn’t doable confirms that.

Regarding appearance, Pazuzu appeared and took on a multitude of forms during ritual; his statue shape and that of a Zulu warrior (See images below):

220px-pazuzudemonassyria1stmillenniumbce      e8cd8424b087ba3c07ab2c50fa227e85

He spoke with a harsh voice for the statue, and just like a plain African man for the warrior. What annoyed my slightly is that while in warrior form, he kept moving and dancing around. His energy felt “paganish” and reminds me of the fact that I am summoning just that- a pagan God. But it was stronger than I’m used to from Gods.

Result of course, as always, matters and that is there. Very nice & thank you, Pazuzu.
I’ll definitely keep you in mind for related affairs, despite the fact that you’re not my #1 choice.

PS. No seal was used, since I don’t know of any and he told me that it’s not necessary.


The research files vol. II: Abaddon


Hi again and this is volume II of the research on entities for occult purposes; in this one I will be covering Abaddon. He is known as the angel that possesses the key to the bottomless pit and also labeled “The angel of death”. He also goes by the name Apollyon for the Greeks. He is mentioned in Revelation 9:11 of the New Testament and goes over the abyss as mentioned here, commanding & ruling over an army of locusts.

Abaddon corresponds with Saturn/ Pluto with Aquarius as his zodiac sign; this is where the association to Daath( the sephira corresponding to Pluto in general in the Kabbalah/ tree of life) becomes visible with him at least having partial rule over Daath. The alignment with Pluto is stronger than Saturn and his title as the angel of death is also suitable and fitting when looking at this fact. Also, his strongest skill and that which he is most adept at is also Plutonian in nature, which is excelling in whatever field one wishes to excel to the point that fame is achieved e.g. science, art forms (music, painting to name a few), politics, engineers and inventors. There is also a possibility of becoming wealthy from such a venture, but no guarantee when it comes to that. Other things that he can help with to a lesser degree are matters surrounding death, self-discipline, necessary changes or limitations placed upon one, like in a financial sense & being able to endure hardship as smoothly as possible when the need arises.

To work with him, one can work in the day and hour of Saturn, so Saturday and in the correct hour. The basic things alone will suffice and these are a black candle, an oration to him like the example given below and whatever one wishes to offer; patchouli is good along with things in threefold since the number three aligns with Saturn. The oration should also be recited threefold. Lastly, his sigil will also be necessary.

The appearance he takes in general is that of an incredibly tall creature (around 4 meters) dressed in black as a Ku Klux Klan member, no offense meant here but I cannot describe it any other way; pretty scary stuff.

* The Oration is the same one I used for invoking him*

*PS. Abaddon also has destructive powers/ skills due to his Saturnian/ Plutonian influence; he is skilled in karmic endeavors.

Seal Abaddon