The research files vol. XXII: Salas’ash


The infernal spirit Salas’ ash comes from the western magician EA Koetting’s book called “Book of Azazel” and reportedly falls under Azazel; I got to working with this entity and got great results. His specialty is to bring money to the operator as soon as possible. See the page taken out of the book below:

Seal & info

The seal and related information are visible; I have done research on him too, and he corresponds to Gemini (19°) with quite some power; so he is Mercurial.
There have been two instances in which I have made use of his skill, and glad to say that he great and delivers; the first one was were I needed some cash ASAP and he delivered in a day or five. The second instance was bringing in customers for my business; I have teamed him up with another Gemini, no other than the big man Belial, and this tag team does monstrously well. Cheers to them. The reason for this is that my business deals with communication, so Gemini’s are a perfect fit for it.



When invoking Salas’ ash, he appears like a transparent figure with orange eyes. No facial features or related can be made out. On one occasion, he was called by Azazel and I briefly saw Him too. “My master is calling me, see you”. And there was Azazel.
Salas’ ash is in any case excellent for funds that one wants to get/ needs as soon as possible, but in contrast to his description, he is also good for things in the long run, e.g. up to two weeks.


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