The book of black Venus


I’m going to discuss the Book of black venus in this article; for those that don’t know what it is, it is a magickal workbook in the traditional fashion e.g. medieval era. In short, it outlines a method for summoning six demons that fall under the planet Venus (Hence the name) via creating a magic circle, fashioning instruments to be used and so on…not really any different from most others out there. To view and read the book, see here.

I am going to discuss and share my experiences (albeit short compared to the rest of my work) in working with two of these demons; Their names are Mogarip & Belzazel. See their seals beneath (Mogarip to the left & Belzazel to the right)

This was in August 2017, and I was told by my financial manager (the spirit that manages my income) to work with them to see what they can do. He would manage and oversee everything regarding them. These guys are slaves, so no respect to them and were to be commanded, he noted.

First up, Mogarip: He looked like a skinny shade or spectre-like figure with one eye and a hazy voice. He didn’t talk a lot and it was solely business.

Second up, Belzazel: He looked like a rather large, muscular being; Orc-like in appearance. He too had one eye, and spectre-ish. His voice is low & guttural/ murky.

In both cases, my financial manager put His hand on their heads during ritual and they were scared and intimidated. Unfortunately, these guys are weak in terms of results compared to the other spirits I work with and I discontinued my work with them after a while. It is noticeable why these guys are slaves and when it comes to power & efficiency, they rank within the lower hierarchy of Venus. I’m talking the lowest of the lowest. So I wouldn’t recommend working with them. Lastly, I worked in a standard manner with them as I’m used to, so my own system instead of the traditional method that the book outlines because, to my knowledge & experience, traditional grimoire magick is hopelessly overrated and impractical. See that article here.

  • There is one other post online that goes deep into analyzing the book, but offers little to nothing in the way of results and actual experience in working with these demons. See here. The author is credited by me though, and thanked hereby for his contribution.

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