Using the occult for fraudulent ends or means


Is it possible to do such a thing, or does it occur in real life? Yes. Before I continue, I need to state for the record that I outright condemn any illegal activity in which the occult is used as a tool for improving success. The best example I can give of this topic is as mentioned below…

Sakawa– as wikipedia defines it, Sakawa is “Ghanaian term for illegal practices which combine modern Internet-based fraud with African traditionalist rituals. The rituals, which are mostly in the form of sacrifices, are intended to spiritually manipulate victims so that the scammer’s fraud is successful“.

So there you go; the theory behind this is that regardless of the magickal system utilized, it increases the likelihood or chance of success in scamming someone by intoxicating a potential target to the point that He/She is scammed to the fullest more or less, something that the average person, from a neutral PoV, has difficulty understanding. That’s why you hear people say “How can He/She be so gullible, stupid?”. It makes little to no rational sense that someone would be so dense as to fall for simple tricks/excuses to the point that He or She is being scammed for vast sums of money or resources for an extended amount of time. In this case, a spell is literally as well as figuratively cast over the victim that leaves them in that compromised mental state. To see how effective this is, there are enough statistics that indicate a rise in scams of this nature/where this practice(s) is utilized:


For more sources, see below links:

By the way, most of these scammers are of African descent and their excuse for scamming, so justifying their actions to themselves and the rest of the world is that they’re “taking what’s rightfully theirs” from “the white man”, since a good deal of their “clientele” is caucasian…obvious colonialist delusion.

Lastly, I need to mention that this topic doesn’t apply to ALL cases of fraud, just the ones where it is utilized; so this doesn’t mean that the occult is used for ALL scams, just the ones where that actually is the case.

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2 thoughts on “Using the occult for fraudulent ends or means

  1. Jimmy

    i have to say your wrong and right i know a scammer who used silly excuses on a victim for a year and still going he does not believe in witchcraft whatsover please note i do no agree with any frauds whatsover

    • MorinoRavenberg

      In that case it’s plain deception, the concept of being wrong doesn’t apply, the victim in question is still gullible & mentally feeble. Couple that with his charisma etc. etc. or other character traits. Obviously not EVERY scam involves magick, duh.

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