I’m writing this article as a favor to a spirit, an Angel that prefers to be seen as more elemental in nature, named Jenphorim; He asked me to do so (not the first time).

What He offers is the ability to help someone start & advance, as well as maintain their career- especially politics. He can make one become the Prime Minister or President as a best example of magnum opus-ness. 

Appearance is that of an Angel dressed in white robes, with a blue tint/hue.
Planet He aligns with is Saturn (4° in Capricorn, limitation). He does require, like a lot of spirits, that the operator or person working with Him prove Himself by being serious and focused in working with Him.  

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  1. 1FVmac

    Since Jenphorim is Saturnian and Binah is Saturn on Tree of Life, would be better for working with Jenphorim, if I before that create a strong relationship with Archangel rulling that sphere? I mean the Archangel Zaphkiel.

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