I’m writing this article as a favor to a spirit, an Angel that prefers to be seen as more elemental in nature, named Jenphorim; He asked me to do so (not the first time).

What He offers is the ability to help someone start & advance, as well as maintain their career- especially politics. He can make one become the Prime Minister or President as a best example of magnum opus-ness. 

Appearance is that of an Angel dressed in white robes, with a blue tint/hue.
Planet He aligns with is Saturn (9° in Capricorn, restricted). He does require, like a lot of spirits, that the operator or person working with Him prove Himself by being serious and focused in working with Him.

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8 thoughts on “Jenphorim

  1. Maciej

    Can an offering be unappropriate? For example, about political career, giving items representing Kings or royality is obvious. But what about special edition books of people of power Like Stalin or Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” ? Would that be unappropriate Item to order for Angel Like Jenphorim?

    • MorinoRavenberg

      Has to be discussed with him or readings have to be done, and listen to your own intuition but in general your intent is the most important.

  2. Maciej

    What is the best offering for Jenphorim? Traditionally, wealth items like gold, expensive jewellery and so on? Or something specific like pearls, heban wood, some black expensive clothes?

  3. 1FVmac

    Since Jenphorim is Saturnian and Binah is Saturn on Tree of Life, would be better for working with Jenphorim, if I before that create a strong relationship with Archangel rulling that sphere? I mean the Archangel Zaphkiel.

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