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This piece is for people that want to know what the occult world looks like; I will explain in a nutshell what one can expect if one were to take an interest in the occult and engaging with other occultists, whether it be superficially or extensively.

I’ll start right off by saying that the occult is dualistic in nature; the knowledge & power are very real, but its practitioners are hopelessly impractical in general. Most of them are broken individuals whose lives are filled with pain, suffering and misery, and they look for a quick and easy solution in the occult, similar to a get-rich-quick scheme. Its veteran practitioners in general will have tremendous difficulty answering straightforward questions regarding their practice and will come up with excuses as to cover up their own failures or shortcomings in their workings, with very few having to show significant success as merit for their skill in the craft, and will criticize each other excessively.

Online forums and social media groups (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) that are occult in nature have the same issues as mentioned above; people seeking occult-based help for free or similar, and bashing each other is common. Impractical topics are being discussed in general that have little to no practical value.

That is pretty much it; The occult does truly possess divine power, but it’s practitioners are anything BUT divine, generally speaking, and this is the main reason for why I want nothing to do with other occultists in general; if you, reader, would like to know more about the occult and immerse yourself in it, all the while evading the above-mentioned negativities, I suggest you do things the proper way and know what you want, why you want it, etc.; get organized about your occult wants & needs. See my article on magick for beginners too, if you will. Anyone looking for serious, real guidance is also welcome to ask me for it via my contact form (NOT for free of course).

Trademarks of someone that has an interest in the occult (applies in general)

  • Mentally ill
  • Mentally unstable
  • Erratic behavior/mood
  • Poor (material & mental poverty)
  • Mentally confused
  • Sexual deviance
  • Deluded/ not being in touch with reality
  • Comes from a broken home
  • Life is filled with hardships and trauma(s)
  • Clairvoyant (generally unrefined/polished)

In short, a lowlifefreeloading vermin, the choosing beggar type; that is what occult- seekers are like in general (unfortunately).

Sadly, mainstream people or individuals that know little to nothing about the occult also have the toxic mentality or habit to expect help of an esoteric nature for free, which is quite offensive- why, you might ask? The “occult culture” has conditioned them to expect this, despite how illogical that is. So even regular people will act like bottom-feeding parasites, despite some of them having no intentions to be so- they simply don’t know any better. All the more reason to not mess around or about, occult brothers & sisters; don’t give shit to anyone for free or otherwise, unless you have a really good, personal reason to do so. Nothing in this world is free, everything has to be earned. This rings more true for spiritual energy than anything else.

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