The research files vol. II: Abaddon


Hi again and this is volume II of the research on entities for occult purposes; in this one I will be covering Abaddon. He is known as the angel that possesses the key to the bottomless pit and also labeled “The angel of death”. He also goes by the name Apollyon for the Greeks. He is mentioned in Revelation 9:11 of the New Testament and goes over the abyss as mentioned here, commanding & ruling over an army of locusts.

Abaddon corresponds with Saturn/ Pluto with Aquarius as his zodiac sign; this is where the association to Daath( the sephira corresponding to Pluto in general in the Kabbalah/ tree of life) becomes visible with him at least having partial rule over Daath. The alignment with Pluto is stronger than Saturn and his title as the angel of death is also suitable and fitting when looking at this fact. Also, his strongest skill and that which he is most adept at is also Plutonian in nature, which is excelling in whatever field one wishes to excel to the point that fame is achieved e.g. science, art forms (music, painting to name a few), politics, engineers and inventors. There is also a possibility of becoming wealthy from such a venture, but no guarantee when it comes to that. Other things that he can help with to a lesser degree are matters surrounding death, self-discipline, necessary changes or limitations placed upon one, like in a financial sense & being able to endure hardship as smoothly as possible when the need arises.

To work with him, one can work in the day and hour of Saturn, so Saturday and in the correct hour. The basic things alone will suffice and these are a black candle, an oration to him like the example given below and whatever one wishes to offer; patchouli is good along with things in threefold since the number three aligns with Saturn. The oration should also be recited threefold. Lastly, his sigil will also be necessary.

The appearance he takes in general is that of an incredibly tall creature (around 4 meters) dressed in black as a Ku Klux Klan member, no offense meant here but I cannot describe it any other way; pretty scary stuff.

* The Oration is the same one I used for invoking him*

*PS. Abaddon also has destructive powers/ skills due to his Saturnian/ Plutonian influence; he is skilled in karmic endeavors.

Seal Abaddon


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