The Research files vol. XXXVIII: Sidragosum


It has been ages ago or at least seemed that way when I called forth this guy, and he stems from the grimoire Grimorium Verum; It is no other than the bringer of sex as the grimoire describes Him, the spirit Sidragosum. In short, when I invoked Him back then, the working failed but due to a lack of resources rather than His own shortcomings. Nevertheless, He will make a fine addition to my list of spirits suited for love/ sex.

Sidragosum is Aquarian in nature (28°), and therefore Saturnian, but the drawback is that he lacks power, as the research suggests. But experience indicates that He more than makes up for that with sheer eagerness, and reminds me a bit of Satan here. He is very determined and will do His very best for you. This is just another example to not take what a grimoire says at face value. The devil lies in the details. I remember when I invoked Him, he appeared as an alien-looking like creature with sharp fangs and being small in stature. He did make odd requests from me, but other than that nothing to note. To be honest, He is a jack of all trades and deals in all Aquarian matters, as well as psychic affairs. So not specifically sex. He’ll do so in general by having you socialize with people or something similar and will get you sex that way.

A self-made seal was used that is made with a Hebrew Rose cross.


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