The Research files vol. XXXVIV: Fro’ghla’tasch


Fro’ghla’tasch from EA Koetting’s book of Azazel is another spirit that is adept at love/ sex related matters. I also invoked Him way back and again, no result. But again, due to a lack of opportunities than anything else. Here below a page out of His book:



I can’t remember what Fro’ghla’tasch looked like when I summoned Him, but he is Venusian in nature (Libra, 2°) & quite skilled when it comes to related matters, so yes: Love & sex and building/ creating any kind of relationship with someone, whether it be social, friendship or more is doable with Him. He will do so in a good and balancing way. Very interesting to see an infernal being so sensitive and working in such a cool manner.

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