The research files vol. XL: Andras


The goetic spirit Andras is the 63rd one mentioned in the Lesser key of Solomon’s Goetia; He is said to be aggressive and will kill a magician that isn’t careful. I have not summoned Him myself, but I have done extensive research on Him, and He is Venusian in nature (Taurus, 17°). He is said in the Goetia to be able to sow discord, so break up relationships and cause strife among people, but this is not His strongest trait by far. His strongest trait is finances, and that is what He would have to offer me if I were to summon Him. This is just something to keep in mind; just because a grimoire says that a spirit possesses these attributes doesn’t mean that He indeed does do so. Andras is an example of that, in the sense that He does not have discord as His forte or specialty. It is true that He is aggressive and care does need to be taken, as Andras will proceed with caution too, if called upon.

The amount of legions mentioned is correct (give or take 1000), and He is infernal.


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