The Kabbalistic sphere Da’ath explained in detail


Hi again, everyone; I’ll be covering as above states, the sphere Da’ath/ Daath; see here for the Wiki page on it (but I don’t approve of the bulk of info I read there, it’s purely for referential purposes). Here my notes:

” Daath is kind of an anti-sphere but at the same time dualistic, much like Mars, hence Daath being represented by Pluto and at its strongest in the same signs that Mars (aka Maadim) is strong in; So also Capricorn for example. It is also known that the spirits Abaddon & Chronozon have affiliations with Daath; Daath’s duty kabbalistically is to see to destructive workings that can either be constructive or destructive; that’s why Daath can be attributed to both the Tree of Life and Death. Daath is somewhat of a “fringe” aspect, but it is just for that purpose exactly that it’s associated with Pluto “.

Results viewing what Daath looks like:

What Da’ath sounds like (approx.)

Angel from Daath:

Alecandrosjna (has strong Gemini influence)- linguistically inclined.
Specializes in just that; all things Gemini.
Appearance: Angel dressed in (Hazel)Brown/(Sky)Blue with 2 swords (of avg length) & Sickles. Can cause destruction & Upheaval, but not as a specialty.
Alignment is Celestial, but even as such He’s still fringe-like (so also capable of negative acts of destruction, but obviously necessary).

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