Is Christian-based magick ineffective for Muslims?


In the time that I’ve been offering my services for hire as a magician, I’ve had a couple of interested consumers that were Muslim/ Arab/ Islamists & things did not go well at all when dealing with them; they overall displayed bad manners/ etiquette, like asking 21 questions before ordering anything, changing their mind all of a sudden etc. Very vexing.
After this, I told myself that I wasn’t going to help Muslims or “Middle-Easterners” anymore; the notion of this kept lingering in the back of my head and I did research on it, because of this; plus, my intuition told me that something was “off” regarding this topic.

It turns out that Christian magick (e.g. Solomonic, Western Ceremonial etc.) overall is generally ineffective when it comes to performing work on behalf of a Muslim, as divination points out; the work is being done, but a higher power is rendering it ineffective and/ or neutralizing it. Mind you, it is ineffective when being done on behalf of them, so at their request, NOT when aimed at them. No problems with the latter and in practicing for myself ( obviously).

Reason for this? Well, Christendom & Islam have been at war with each other since the beginning of time, so to speak. Seriously, look it up. Now, I’m not saying that God Himself is preventing anything be done for Muslims in this case, but I can’t phrase it any differently. Islam holds entirely different beliefs generally than Christianity. Jinn, for example is the Arabic word for spirit. Again, it’s not that the spirits I work with are secretly not doing the work; they are, but it’s nullified. Doing work for “the enemy”, it seems, is not allowed. So this is exception #5, in regards to this article.

I’ve updated some information relating to this topic, see video below:

I also need to emphasize that any form of non- Christian Magick e.g. Witchcraft is not an issue, regardless of the person’s religious affiliations; also, there are cases where it’s not a problem, but it generally speaking relies on the person’s intent and them being RINO (Religious in name only) etc. For example, I’ve helped Muslim clients that weren’t actively practicing. I’ve noticed that Turks have the above-mentioned issue more. But truth be told, these weren’t exactly “Honest Turkish citizens”. Whether someone be Christian, Muslim, or otherwise- if you don’t have good intentions in general, there’s a real possibility that you’ll be “canceled out” magickally.

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