The research files vol. XVIV: Belphegor


I will get into work on the demon Belphegor, that originated as a Moabite God. In demonology and the Kabbalah, Belphegor is the ruler of the qliphotic sphere Thagirion, aka The “Black Sun”. See here for more information on Him.

I invoked Belphegor in the beginning of this year (Jan-March 2017) and it was very interesting, despite the fact that it didn’t work out with him. But that was not his fault. I had made the mistake of exhausting all of my opportunities and asking too many “people” for the same thing, ritual-wise. So I was the bald chicken from whom no more feathers could be plucked. When he appeared, it was the same shape that he took as I remember him when I astral projected to his qliphotic sphere; a creature with warts all over his body. He is friendly though, and is more than willing to help someone.
Regarding his skills, Belphegor is a Lunar spirit (Cancer, 13°) and very potent even. He excels at clairvoyance and also has a good deal of financial ability. One would do good if he were to be worked with in the long term and needed help in these fields.

I have had someone I know tell me that He was her patron and she had good results in working with Him, financially. To her, he appeared as the owner of a yacht and was fancily dressed, addressing her as “girlie”. I have never, when engaging with Belphegor, noticed anything about Him in the sense or way of Sloth and excrement or stool. Roughly stated, they turned Him unjustly into a demon of shit & laziness. Moabite God.


See this article too, for another project on manifesting things with Him.

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