The research files vol. LXXVIII: Ares


I’ll be covering the greek God Ares today, or Aries; He is known as the god of war to the greeks.

Ares is of course Martian (15° in aries- headstrong) and is therefore suited for things associated with Mars; battle, war, physical strength, tenacity and so on. Practical examples are gaining courage, physical fortitude. I must, however, note that Ares is an unstable companion emotionally, and reacts by impulse. He is prone to change His mind and behave erratically. This should come to no surprise based on His profile. He is more primal, and can behave like a wild animal, untamed, in that aspect.

Aside from the above, Ares can also have you see through the intentions of others and thwart those plans, a specialty of Him. He can be friendly despite His character in dealings. Ares appears as a roman soldier with shield and spear, reddish and golden.


The research files vol. LXXIV: Marduk


I’ll be covering the Mesopotamian god Marduk in this volume; He was the patron god of the city of Babylon.

Marduk is Martian (15° in Scorpio- unknown), and if one is to read his history and background, and so on it would become visible right away since He was worshipped for warbased matters primarily. What Marduk has to offer, aside from offense & defense, to the general person is progress within his or her own life, covering nearly all aspects; the goal must be clear though. He appears as a warrior with shield & spear.

Marduk is also mentioned in The Necronomicon spellbook.


The research files vol. LXVIII: Seth


I’ll be covering the Egyptian God Seth today; He was known by the egyptians as God of the desert, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners.

Seth is solar in nature (10° in Leo- persistence) and is a powerful one thus. He is an excellent business partner for the abovementioned affairs, as well as all matters in general. I do need to point out however that Seth is not the type that knows order as (again) mentioned before; So don’t expect Him to go to work neatly for you when engaging with Him, in terms of results. Regarding appearance it’s the typical man with the head of a jackal or a canine-like animal. Seth does have a gruff voice, but that is to be expected of His nature. I have no experience in dealing with Set, other than superficially. So that’s it.


The research files vol. LXVI: Baldr


The norse God Baldr was a brother of Thor, and was the god of joy & the summer, for one. I’ll be doing Him today.

Baldr is Martian (11° in Aries- changeable) and thusly “good” for all martian affairs, and that’s His strong suit. Aside from that, He also deals well with money & fertility matters so He really is a lot like Thor in that regard. In Norse mythology, His death also brings about the end or Ragnarok, as it’s called.
The description “In addition to being loved by all gods and more physical beings, he was so handsome, generous, and good that he gave off light simply by the purity of his character” denotes His personality. His appearance is that of a blonde man in norse clothing, but He can easily change his demeanor based on the operator, which He did with me.

Baldr is basically the norse version of Lucifer, as in being the “lightbringer”.


The research files vol. LXI: Thor


I’ll be covering the Norse god Thor here, after He visited me last night; Him and after a few seconds, Odin and Loki too. Thor is in short known as one that deals with offense, defense & fertility. As stated on Wiki “In Norse mythology, Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing and fertility”.

It comes to no surprise, thusly, that Thor is martian (Aries, 24°- Wanton) and also deals with financial matters (Venus in Taurus, 0°- demanding). Thor told me that I could also keep Him in mind for work if it be necessary. I remember my patron telling me in the past that the Norse pantheon does have potential and that He brought me to Yggdrasil, where we did meet Thor, but He was chased away by Him after trying to attack us. This was a good while ago, so more than enough things have changed. Nothing else to say other that the aforementioned; lastly, He looks as depicted: a bearded dwarvish man wearing old norse warrior gear.


The Research files vol. LVII: Azazel


Aah, Azazel, the scapegoat as I know Him; whenever I hear His name, I think of the scapegoat or EA Koetting (lol); But in all seriousness, I shall be talking about the fallen angel Azazel here.

I have never directly dealt with Him, but I have worked with a few spirits that fall under Him, all of which are infernals. Those two are Froghlatasch & Salasash.
He does remind me of L. Rofocale in terms of looks, appearing as a dark, demonic, bulky- looking creature with horns sometimes and other times without. Aside from just now, I have seen him once or twice when summoning his aforementioned subjects. I remember that after a ritual a while back with one of them, that He told me “I have to go, my master Azazel is calling me” and there Azazel was. Koetting’s story on how He adopted Azazel as a patron is nice too, makes for a good horror or sci-fi story in his Book of Azazel.
Now let me get to it; Azazel is martian (Aries, 24°- wanton) and has quite some power to Him, but working with Him will bring good fortune at the cost of some other misfortune. Typical infernal for me, since a good deal of them I know work this way. Nevertheless, He’s not one to be underestimated. Works aggressively, but that’s almost needless to say because of the martian-ness.



Obtaining “my very own” Cherubim


Aside from my own Seraphim angel that I can work with, I wanted a Cherubim too; these are the second in the celestial hierarchy, so they follow after the Seraphim. Read the link to their name to know more.

The Cherubim align generally the zodiac sign Scorpio, whereas the Seraphs are Aries in nature. My patron told me to notify Him when I wanted one, but last night one appeared before me and offered His services. Members of these two orders are unique in the sense, as I’ve been told, can either be rulers or individual members. My Seraphim is an individual member and rules no one in that sense, but this Cherub…He is a ruler, I noticed that and my patron got that wrong; He thought He was an individual, and said “sorry, even I don’t know everything. God leaves the two upper orders for example to do as they please in terms of rulership; they can either have subjects or not.

Also, this Cherub doesn’t look like the averagely depicted one, not that I’m complaining; He looks like this; so no three heads or hooves. He states that this look is more sophisticated and I agree.


Name: Abrazah.
Seal: Here
Attributes: Martian, Scorpio (28°, retribution) .
Skills: Strong overall progress + destruction.



The Research files vol. XLIV: Ouranos


I covered Gaia in my previous article, and it’s her husbands turn now to follow suit; He asked me after I wrote on her of course, hence this article. The greek primordial God Ouranos was known as “father sky” or “protogenos”.

This piece will be short, as there isn’t much to say; Despite His attributes as appointed by His followers back in the day, He is martian (14°, alone) and has aggressive or warlike tendencies, and is good for all things martian e.g. courage, physical fortitude, strength etc. He is distant or more timid because of his nature though. You’d think that He’d have Air-based qualities based on His persona as history indicates, but nope again- you need to look further. Help with heavy labor is also a good thing to work for with Him. He appears as an old man in a blue robe or a younger version of this.

See here for information about Him. He says that He’s not a big fan of seals and that it’s not necessary.


The research files vol. XVI: Bael


I invoked Bael or Baal some time ago, and for those that do not know who he is, he is an infernal spirit mentioned in the grimoire called the Goetia; See here for the wiki page on him. He also has pagan roots and is presumably the same as the pagan God Ba’al.

When I invoked Bael, he was very humble and is the first spirit that I have summoned that has asked me what voice I wanted him to speak in & what appearance he ought to take; he displayed then as a middle-eastern human male, dressed neatly, in red and black & toggled up and down between that and a giant toad. So the traditional look as is written. I liked his human form the most and told him to retain that form. His voice was half human and half giant frog. The turban he wore turned into a crown every now & then and he held a scepter that turned into a spear, which I liked more. He also did chain-mail and breastplate armor on near the end of the ritual, as well as showing me his cat form.

I had a dream the day after where I was being chased by a giant frog and that it was trying to eat me. Not horrific, but more hazy & unclear.

Regarding information on Bael, and his skills, he is Martian in nature (Aries, 8°) and has proficiency in handling weapons, aside from basic Martian traits. There does lie a small chance of misfortune in working, dealing with him and the results. Lastly, he is good at bringing in money on a stable basis, albeit this will take some time. His skill that he is most well-known for, the ability to make people invisible or teach them to do so, is by far not his strongest trait; this was most likely just “bestowed” upon him and he has gotten better at it over time, but he is no “shiner” when it comes to clairvoyance.





The research files vol. X: My Magnum Opus


Hello again, all; it has been some time since I wrote anything and the reason was/ is that I mainly do not feel like it, despite there being enough material. In this work, I will cover my Magnum Opus aka baddest spirit yet, aside from my Lord Samael. This is only that in a research file sense.

I have always been fond of Fire within the occult and that is also the energy that I lack the most, spiritually. I wanted to summon one of “God’s bodyguards” aka the Seraphim. I am not referring to just any angel, since My Lord Samael can also be considered one, but an actual member of the Order. There is no grimoire that I know of that lists a Seraph. I approached my Lord Samael for the information on one, and after some pleading from me, I got the name and seal of one; I was so excited and went to work. The thing is that these highest order ranking Angels are generally not suited for occult work, and I experienced firsthand why.

When I invoked him, right from the start, he wanted or tried to dominate the ritual. A neutral person would laugh his ass of, since this Seraph came off as if he were a rambunctious 20-year old. To give some examples, here parts of the conversation:

Me: reciting the oration
Him “You can stop, I am already here”

Me: You have a scroll in your hand, what’s in it or written on it?
Him “None of your damn business!”

His entire attitude was bossy, domineering and asshole-ish; “I need you not, you need me!” was another one, as well as name-calling, “Asswipe”, ” Dumbass”. Defiance and rebellious are some of the phrases that one can describe him as. I did not joke around and maintained my calmness and composure. The warmth in the room rose during it overall to great degrees and my hands felt like they were on Fire.



Unfortunately, he did not complete the task given or assigned to him until now and more than a month has passed. But that is due to him being immature & irresponsible, as opposed to him not being able to do what he was told to do. Below his data:

. Name: Zacharija.
. Planet & Zodiacal nature: Mars, Aries.
. Appearance: Angel with 6 wings, dressed in white/black & holding scroll in hand.
. Skill: Destroying enemies, burning things up, causing forest- & field fires. 
. His Seal