The indigenous that want you for themselves


It has been the case (legend has it even) that, especially if you’re a foreigner (not necessarily though) & you like traveling and exploring, you might get “snatched up” by a foreign woman (primarily applicable to men)…

I’m talking about the fact that it has happened throughout history that foreign men, when venturing into an indigenous village or settlement (especially Native American), have been hexed by women that fell in love with them and subsequently wanted them for themselves to play their version of happy home with the white picket fence & all. This does happen in regular society as well, but to a much lesser extent within this specific context. These women bind their target men to themselves & as a result, the respective guys can’t leave e.g. every avenue to leaving being blocked off somehow (all of a sudden a ride not being available, you oversleeping etc.) and/or the man in question not wanting to do so and falling in love with her. As a result, they stay there and if you were to go into a remote village or similar you would be presented with the oddest of couples ever; imagine seeing a white man with a Native American woman (and their mixed race offspring) in a village that’s only accessible by boat or plane and 100 km away.

Next question is, what are the ethical or moral consequences of all of this? Surprisingly, it’s not a “grave sin”; of course it’s wrong, but not to such a devastating effect that the woman in this scenario is going to “burn in hell” or similar. Karma will take place as always, regardless of how..

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