Who were the Nephilim?


In this article I’ll be discussing the Nephilim; for those that don’t know who they are, long story short, they were the offspring of Angels (fallen) and women- See here for general information on them.

Before I get down to the core of this article, keep in mind too that for the above link the Nephilim refers to the “giants”, so NOT the fallen angels aka “Watchers” themselves. Now, down to it; I’m going to discuss what their relevance is (it’s short).

The Nephilim are like I mentioned above, the children of fallen angels & women- they were giants because of their DemiGod-likeness and “genes”, and lived more or less like the avg person back in those times. They were in height 45-50 meters tall, and mortal like normal people too. They were destroyed during the flood. I spoke (with Christ’s help) to one of their leaders, Helel; He confirmed the above and said that His father was Azazel and His mother a woman named Linda-Maria. For the rest, nothing special about them..I mean, since they’re like regular people, there’s nothing special they bring to the table for an occultist. Working with them would be like necromancy, more or less.

Lastly, Helel appeared as a tall caveman- looking man, and also as a demonic-looking figure with said face and the body of a man (Has slight shapeshifting abilities, hence this).

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