The Research files vol. LIII: Prometheus


Most people out there are familiar with the Greek Titan God Prometheus; the one who stole fire from the Olympian Gods and gave it to mankind and so on. Those that don’t know Him, follow the link with His name.

Prometheus is seen and used as a metaphor for the striving of knowledge and great fall that lies in the danger of overreaching oneself in doing so, if one goes too far or fails, even to this day; Pop media references like the blockbuster movie for example prove that. I’m going to discuss His occult merit next.

I need to state beforehand that I have no experience in working with Him, but do have enough data and information on Him; Prometheus is one that I’ll really keep in mind, as He is another gem of a pagan God that has real power and can be very, very useful. For me personally, it would be money via occult endeavours that would await me, as my own forecast on Him states. He is Mercurial (17° in Virgo- Hypocrisy) and the drawback is that He will overreach himself in doing work for you sometimes, hence the “hypocrisy” aspect in his zodiacal degree, which might lead to difficulties. Regarding appearance, He shows himself to me as a red-haired/ ginger man wearing underwear or a loincloth.

At first glance you’d think that His forte would be knowledge, but no; He excels at work and work-related affairs and overall progress.


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