Self-cleansing techniques


I am (in this post) going to discuss how to rid yourself of negative energy, whether it be in the form of a curse or any misc. kind of energy that is plaguing you, causing you misery & wreaking havoc. The benefit is that these techniques require no occult knowledge whatsoever and can be done/performed by anyone, more or less & with the simplest of items available.

Cleansing using salt; salt has astral (so spiritual) cleansing properties, so if you want to rid yourself of negativity in the form of the aforementioned or a location, bathe yourself or your location in water with a heavy concentration of salt (the kind of salt doesn’t matter, avg. kitchen salt will do), repeatedly until you notice desired result.
Cleansing using garlic; that same as mentioned for salt accounts for garlic. Eat garlic if afflicted, as much as possible for an extended amount of time (e.g. a month), or place cloves in or around the afflicted area (doesn’t matter if peeled or not).
Cleansing using incense/sage (reg. incense preferably Dragon’s Blood); do so by burning the previously stated in the center area with all doors and windows locked. When it comes to you it’s the same procedure, but you need to be in said room and let the vapors envelop you, so to speak. See here for stores recommended by me that sell the above.

See this article too, since it relates to the topic.

-Repeat the process if need be until you notice result-

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