The research Files vol. XXXVI: Parasiel


The angel Parasiel is, like Bariel, also mentioned in the Greater Key of Solomon, specifically in the 1st Pentacle of Jupiter; he is dubbed “The Lord and Master of Treasures, and teacheth how to become possessor of places wherein they are”.
So he specializes in wealth according to this statement- not true.

Parasiel might be attributed to Jupiter here, but he is Martian (Scorpio, 7°) in actuality; and wealth is not his specialty. He has no real specialty and is more “flat” or even in that regard. He is adept at most Scorpio matters, e.g. Coercive works. But his character is one of perseverance, he will stop at nothing. This is what makes him so potent and he is a powerhouse like the other spirits I have mentioned; he also has Part of Fortune in his house. He will do whatever it takes to get you what you want. The thing is that in grimoires, spirits are attributed to the spheres that represent that force, e.g. Jupiter and wealth. But the spirits themselves do not belong to that- or have to belong to that sphere necessarily. This is a perfect example of that. So he is good to go for wealth.




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