The research files vol. XLI: Anubis


I invoked Anubis a while ago for a customer of mine, because he was approached by Him in a dream for working out Karma. I did so readily, and He appeared in His traditional Jackal form and so on. Funny thing is that He was panting the way dogs do when they’re hot and sweat via doing so. He only did so when looking to the sides, but not when looking at me; when doing so, He was stern and strict, with yellow eyes and no pupils. Anubis is Mercurial in nature and corresponds to Gemini (18°), and is very skilled therefore in generic related matters, including the things that are attributed to Him. After the invocation, I felt His energy levels and they were moderate, and I went like “typical pagan”. I’m used to heavier energy from celestials & infernals. Nevertheless, He’s still good for workings and I wouldn’t underestimate Him. He is bound to have more than a few followers in the world, which empowers Him. He looks and is similar in appearance in terms of speaking as Set(h).


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