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I will highlight my work with the Demon from the Grimorium Verum in this article.

Short info on Clauneck: He is as the GV describes adept at bringing material wealth; literal description is “Clauneck has power over goods and riches, and can help you find hidden treasures for those who make a pact with him. He can give great riches, being greatly loved by Lucifer, and it is he who makes him bring the money. Obey him and he obeys”. He falls under the duke named Syrach & is greatly loved by Lucifer.

I started working with Clauneck after i realized that i needed a spirit who specializes in wealth, a task that i trusted my Patron & Lord Samael with in first instance, but he, in all honesty does not master himself in that field (but brought in some money nevertheless); I went over the matter with him and he was a bit upset at first but understood at the same time what the reason for me wanting to do this was. Besides, my patron was already an Angel/Celestial spirit so i wanted to improve on my experience by working with a Demon. After that i went to work, using as little material as possible for the job at hand. I used my old TV set since i don’t watch TV and haven’t done so for at least the last 2 years. (See image below)


I used the basic correspondences since i don’t know much about him such as the planet he falls under and his zodiac sign, etc; I use Jupiter and everything that corresponds to it, so the color (Sky) blue, the day & hours of Jupiter, the incense (Cedarwood) and his sigil which can be seen in the picture.

I started working with him as of April 7th 2016, offering simple things such as food & drink, the same things that i would eat & drink that day. I did a divination beforehand to see how things would work out like I usually do (not gonna go in blindfolded so to speak) and it showed me that things will go fine, but I can expect results in moderation; this seemed logical to me since i don’t offer him much. The “Temple area” devoted to him is roughly 1 square meter, just beside my kitchen and a meal every 2 weeks is not a lot to offer. I wanted bigger and better results and thought at first that giving more food would increase the effect. I was stunned to find out that, after divination, this was not the case at all; quite the opposite in fact. Just goes to show you that the quality of your offerings are important, not the quantity. I did so in the next ± 4 months by treating him the same way i would like to be treated & made offerings that represented wealth after consecrating them such as a $100 bill, US$ 100 bill and a silver bar in the shape of a US$100. Desired results have not been left out as i can’t help but smile while writing this; i went, in that period, from bringing in $1200 to over $3000 a month. He did instigate quite the drastic changes in my life & caused me to lose my job 3 times in that same before-mentioned period, but i will gladly go through those as long as i get what i want. He made everything better career-wise. I now work from home which is so relaxing for me. I can work under my own circumstances, plan my own hours, take breaks whenever i like; no boss haggling me or the likes.

As some of you might have already expected, things didn’t remain quiet during ritual. Not that it would matter to me since i don’t care too much. Results are important to me, little else. I was able to see him astrally and feel his energy whenever invoking him, and he takes on the shape of a little boy but this could be a projection of the image i have of him or who he falls under better said (Lucifer’s general physical description) since there is no image of him known. Telepathic contact has been established where he has asked me to close the bowl with the lid instead of leaving it open and asking me to stay just a little longer….”Just talk to me a bit longer, Morino” is what I was clearly told by a foreign voice in my head which is near dead silent in ritual.

Keep in mind that Clauneck works via work/ career opportunities; that is his specialty. 

In short, very satisfied with him; I have given him the authority to manage my financial life as he sees fit and will continue to work with him. Cheers, “Nekki” as I call him. 🙂

*Update per 18/09/2016

 Found out that Clauneck falls under the planet Mercury with Virgo as his zodiac sign (27°), which stands for extremity. 

*Update per 29/09/2016

Link for the invocation oration I use (self-written): Oration to Clauneck

*I invoked him once again when I was instructed by my current financial manager to do so and the result was him sending me back to the company I came from and left to begin with as of March 2017. So again, result.

* Clauneck has told me that he, while invoking him for a friend, belonged to the Order of Angels; showed me his wings too, which were orange-ish/ green-yellowish (the latter specifically is the color of Virgo).

* It should also be noted that Clauneck is sensitive to criticism, so take care to not outright insult Him or similar, lest you deal with the consequences.

* My online store for those that want my help: Here.
* Other article on Clauneck: Au Revoir.
* My current financial manager, as of February 2017: The Archangel Sandalphon.

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  1. I had excellent results with Clauneck as well, but recently found out Bune / Duchess Bime to be better for short-term goals. Clauneck is most suitable for long-term goals, projects, discipline. There’s a difference, and both can do wonders, according to the situation

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