The sword of Moses


The sword of Moses is a traditional grimoire that I’ll be discussing in this article; it involves (similar to the Lesser key of Solomon) summoning Angels appointed to it for whatever purpose one wishes, under the conditions of a series of preparations.

I wanted to know what potential there was in summoning them by general means (so with my magickal system) and related; the first angel of the four mentioned therein (named SQDHZY) appeared then and we came to discussing things; He told me, since His name is difficult to pronounce at least for me, that I can call Him Kranaa as an alternate name.

This grimoire has power and quite the level of potency, and thereby I mean the angels mentioned therein of course. Only thing that can be seen as a drawback is the fact that working with them will only yield tremendous results in the long run. Rome wasn’t built in one day. The 4 angels mentioned in it are of the Order of Seraphim; Kraana is Solar and specializes in success in all things, as well as bestowing power and leadership upon one. Here a copy of the grimoire & here an idea on what Kraana looks like. See the video for more:

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