Detailed information on the Planets & (especially) Asteroids


Hi again people; in this article (as the header suggests, obviously), I’ll be covering more Astrological information on the Planets, e.g. The Earth, The Sun, Venus and so on. But ESPECIALLY the Asteroids, notably Pallas, Juno & Ceres. See below, and all this delicious knowledge courtesy of the Archangel Uriel who bestowed this wisdom upon Me.

Eternal Glory.


– Earth –



When it comes to The Earth in both natal & horary astrology, it is very similar to the part of fortune but in a different manner or way; The Earth stands for individualistic success through the lens of the person or matter in question- The Earth shows or showcases how much they care about the case in question and what the chances are of accomplishing it based on their natural talents or skillset (appl. to Natal Astrology, Horary refers to the situation provided the person doesn’t change anything). Earth is strong in all fire signs except Aries; It is weak in all air signs with the exception of Libra. It does NOT go Retrograde (in general). In Water & Earth signs, it is neutral (does depend on the situation in question regarding detail).

* The Earth is like a lesser (so less potent) version of the Part of Fortune
* PS. The Earth is always opposed the Sun (perfect opposition)




– Pallas –



Pallas is a mini planet or Asteroid (similar to Chiron) that, in Astrology, deals with a person’s human body & superficial, material state of mind or being; their superficial mental health & their physical body when they were born. Any minor diseases e.g. respiratory disorders they might have for example. Pallas can also be identified with Lilith (the Black Moon), but it has no connection with it, based on the description.

Pallas is weak in Pisces, Scorpio & Libra.
Pallas is strong in Virgo (strongest), Leo as well & Aquarius (but Aquarius is conditional).
The rest is neutral.

* Pallas is like a lesser version of Mercury, so to speak *




– Detailed information on the Part of Fortune (PoF or Arabic lot) –


. The PoF specifically deals with success in its purest form or high level success, ESPECIALLY in horary astrology as long as it’s aspected to; The PoF is (generally speaking) strong in Aquarius, Leo & Sagittarius (strongest in the last, but Aquarius as well depending on the situation).

* Every aspect from & to the PoF matters in relation to an inquiry- in both natal & horary astrology, as well as transits (I don’t use them personally, transits); So all those aspects to other planets matter and in utmost detail, down to the last minute; success in any endeavor can be measured based on how far away it is from a respective planet, to the point that it is positively aspected to said planet, down to the minute & thereby is converted to time in real-time, provided time applies e.g. in a time-related question or inquiry. Base rule (I already know this) is that 1 degree equals 4 minutes.




– Juno –



Juno is an asteroid that deals, similar to Lilith, with hidden and/or obscured emotions; but the difference is that Juno showcases your fears in relation to- and how well you’ll deal with people of the opposite sex, romantically & sexually (or the same sex if you’re gay); it also showcases what or how you’re prone to handling it under natural circumstances, so the way you were born or naturally are. Juno is generally speaking strong in Air signs, e.g. Aquarius or Gemini & weak in the adverse, so Fire signs e.g. Aries. The rest is neutral, depending on the circumstances.

* Juno is also exceptionally strong every 50 to 100 years, regardless of signs; its power is amplified twofold, so 2x.




– Ceres –



Ceres is the asteroid that deals with trade & commerce from a very basic & limited perspective or point of view (PoV); it showcases where you’re good at in life, or what field you can make easy money in a quick, rapid- fire manner with relative ease, the way you were born. Drawback is that there is no heaviness, so expect to see little money by overall standards (e.g. nationwide or global, in rel. to what country you were born in or live/have lived for a good portion of your life (lives)).

Ceres is strong in Fire signs unless the conditions counteract that in an unfavorable manner, e.g. Aries negatively highlighted. Adversely, generally speaking weak in Air signs.

Also, Ceres is 2x/3x as strong every 50 years (or so), e.g. 60 years.




– Sun –


The Sun also indicates virility & fertility levels; men with a weak Sun can have issues having or conceiving children, but the Sun is at its strongest reg. this matter for women; women with a weak Sun will have a 40% chance in the aforementioned unless the rest of the charts counteracts that weakness (last part ditto for men).




– Mercury –


The planet Mercury doesn’t just deal with the default matters it governs; it also, in conjunction with the Moon, confers or displays speed at which something (like an event) occurs as well as how quick-witted someone is- specifically in terms of intellect that or which cannot be taught in schools and whatnot. Mercury’s aspects to other planets indicate how fast the properties of that planet (especially in natal astrology, more than Horary & the Rest of the Astro types) will act or take place in terms of influence. Mercury in relation to its speed is strong in all Air signs, and weak in fire signs, with the exception of Sagittarius but only by 50% so half; in Sag. it’s still 50 % afflicted in general; In Taurus, it’s fully afflicted (e.g. confers slow thinkers & those with mental debilitations). In the rest, it’s neutral. In Virgo & Scorpio respectively, it’s semi-strong or exalted.



– Venus –


It is already known that the planet Venus deals with love, affection, grace, charm & beauty- what you don’t know is that the planet Venus also deals with sex from a woman’s perspective; the zodiac sign & house indicate where a woman’s sexual prowess triggered by romance or romantic feelings lie. For the rest, Venus also shows natal chart-wise where someone can bring about peace in a delicate or strenuous situation, as well as resolve them. The default strengths for Venus remain the same.




– Saturn –


Saturn as a planet gives away someone’s pain & the negativities they have to endure in life (zodiac sign) & where it will primarily take place or be visible (house); Saturn can also indicate how strong someone is & how they can deal with hardship. Saturn has no strong or weak signs, zodiacally; it depends entirely on the situation- for the rest, horary-wise, Saturn showcases how likely someone is or how they WILL/SHALL handle failure in said inquiry or request, if applicable.



– Jupiter –


Jupiter indicates where there will be a lot – & also how likely someone is to be obese or the exact opposite; slender/slim; Jupiter also deals with contradictory thoughts, so minor mental illness in essence- this is primarily visible in Gemini (one of the weakest signs); other weak signs, such as a negatively aspected Cancer or afflicted cancer (either by sign or house in general, not referring to cancer in particular) convey domestically neg. thoughts & ideas- these can either be deep or superficial/frivolous. So in essence, worst case scenario, Jupiter can display insanity or severe mental illness e.g. Jupiter in Pisces going Retrograde.

Interesting read as well here; if you’d like the asteroid logos displayed above in HD, see here

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