The Bornless Ritual


I’ll be discussing the Bornless ritual, from the Goetia; it’s an oration mentioned as introduction to the book itself. After research, my finds were, shortly summarized, as follows:

Bornless ritual will fulfill (at least) most desires of people reciting it (neophytes), and is surprisingly potent- it will attract mercurial (so mostly Air) and terrestrial spirits to serve you and fulfill your desires; money and other mundane desires, and whatnot.

Optionally, one could add an oration with one’s desires at the end of reciting the Bornless ritual.

Bornless ritual by layman definition is a citation that calls upon God (Omnipotent one), to make spirits come to- and be obedient unto the one reciting it.

On avg results in a month.

Here a copy of the raw version & here the neat version, written by me.

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