I’m recording this for my own personal purposes, this is in reference to the article in which I dealt with Mercury extensively; I have my first Mercurial celestial spirit, an angel by the header’s name called Spipher (pron. Spaifer).

He deals wil all things, and specializes in results that will manifest as quickly as possible. Obviously, He is Mercurial and corresponds to 22° in Gemini. Appearance is that of a transparent angel, and non-transparent wise an angel with blond hair & orange robe.


Update per 8/23/2018

I have since then grown in experience with Spipher, and He has done great; He works swiftly, and has served multiple clients who have in most cases reported success. His appearance also varies, from orange to skyblue and I have added Venusian pentacles to the mix that make Him stronger and more potent in dealing with love/ sex related matters. Only drawback is that effects aren’t long lasting, normal drawback of Mercurials.











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