Beware of magickal disruption


I will shed light on something that one needs to look out for in magickal workings; long story short, I stopped working with Sandalphon and for good this time (me thinks, 99% sure), the reason being that He never performed the same way I was used of Him before I briefly replaced Him with Raquiel. The reason for all this is that once you start working with a spirit and replace Him/ Her/ It, it disrupts the working and all the progress you made with that spirit gets lost as well as gifts offered. You basically have to start all over again. This applies regardless of what that spirit tells you; they don’t realize this from their vantage point is all, not that they’re unreliable. I discuss this in detail below in the video. Bottom-line is that this is exception number 6 as mentioned in this article that divinations exclude. Again, something to watch out for.

– Ways In Which The Occult Can “backfire” On You, Notably In The Way Of Deluded Thinking –


Ever heard of things really, really going wrong for someone that practiced the occult or similar? That’s normal, so to speak; by default, for any sorcerer if He or She does something wrong regarding the energies He works with or similar, then you better believe He’ll go insane or His life will fall apart or something along those lines. It reminds me of a customer of mine that, in the not too distant past, bit off more than He could chew so to speak & as a result became drastically unstable until I helped Him.

In my case, examples of these are highlighted here & here; I’ve also had to deal with severe levels of energetic disruption, but obviously I can handle myself & overcame all of it.

Other examples are breatharianism; read the article the link leads to and you tell me (lol)- no offense to the practitioners of this, but why doesn’t it work? Because your bodies (both astral + physical) need nourishment, and air inhalation isn’t enough, regardless of how nice the idea is. The people that believe in this are deluded by definition at best.

So how do you “keep yourself in check?”, & prevent yourself from “losing it” as an occultist or similar? You take careful note of your practice and remind yourself daily or at the very least frequently that you’re reliant on this, that this is your bread & butter. Keyword is maintenance. The same way you maintain your appearance so physique, the same way the aforementioned applies but obviously the former is much, much, much more important.

Be familiar (in a manner of speaking) with the limits of your spiritual state & how far it can take you.

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