The research files vol. LXXXV: Ronové


I’ll be covering Ronové today, the goetic spirit; below his attributes.

The Twenty-seventh Spirit is Ronové. He appeareth in the form of a Monster. He
teacheth the Art of Rhetoric very well, and giveth Good Servants, Knowledge of Tongues, and Favours with Friends or Foes. He is a Marquis and Great Earl; and there be under his command Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, etc.

His appearance is indeed that of a troll-like being, but more like this.
His attributes are correct, because He is Venusian (10° in Libra)- and covers all things relating to this sphere in general; we’re talking love, charm, grace, relationships, balance etc. One thing that Ronové has to offer as specialty is money too. That is all. Below His seal.





The research files vol. LXXXII: Bartzabel


I’ll be doing the kabbalistic spirit of Mars today, named Bartzabel; it is said that He can raise storms which is untrue, and I can’t put my finger on which grimoire He comes from. The reason for this article, like the previous one, is that He appeared too. He appears as a dark, shady looking golem with red eyes and a red glow that is subject to change.

It is said, if you look online, practically everywhere that He is Martian, but nope. Bartzabel is Jupiterian (9° in Pisces- karmic) and does possess some martian traits so I can see the association, but that’s all. As mentioned just now, He works in a karmic way and His skill is money, really skilled at that. But the drawback is that He’ll dull relationships with others (bonds with others will decline).

I’ll close off with the fact that Bartzabel is timid, and doesn’t talk a lot. When He appeared alongside Och yesterday, all He said was His name, like “Bartzabel…”.
Here a post about someone that has worked with Him.


The research files vol. LXXV: Mephistopheles


I’ll be discussing the infernal spirit Mephistopheles in this article; generally speaking, people know him from the story where Faust sells His soul or at least gambles it in dealing with Mephisto (his name is shortened like this). In it, He is said to be an agent of Satan, which He is.

Mephisto is A LOT like Satan, a true “mimic-er”; Jupiterian (28° in Pisces), with aggressive traits (martian traits). He is able to bring one overall progress and money, but at the cost of instability and erraticness. The same way that Satan generally operates. Other Jupiterian things are also on the table of course, like psychic abilities etc. but to a lesser degree, as well as any other general goal.

Mephistopheles does NOT have others beneath Him, so He is an independent agent in the literal sense. I personally don’t like His modus operandi, as well as Satan’s; I despise erratic workings, but for those that aren’t deterred by this, go ahead. Mephisto is strong. Lastly, He appears (again) just like Satan but with small, minor traits that are different, yet noticeable to me (I’ll never mistake Him for Satan); a roman soldier with wings…but again, it’s different, not like Satan…like twins almost, but twins that have discernible differences. Also like a general demon: a slender figure with elf like traits.


The Research files vol. LXX: Adrammelech


I shall be doing Adrammelech today; He is known as a God that was worshipped in biblical times.

“2 Kings 17:31 reports: “The Sepharvites burned their children in the fire as sacrifices to Adrammelech and Anammelech, the gods of Sepharvaim” (NIV). The Sepharvites are given as a people deported by the Assyrians to Samaria. Adrammelech and the god Anammelech (about whom likewise little is known) are again seemingly alluded to in 2 Kings 18:34: “Where are the gods of Hamath and Arpad? Where are the gods of Sepharvaim, Hena and Ivvah? Have they rescued Samaria from my hand?” (NIV). Isaiah 36:19 has an almost identical passage”.

I remember this, and what I also remember is that Adrammalech rules Samael, the Qliphoth. When I visited back then, He appeared as a black stallion, galloping around me and also when I did the black sun exercise. He asked me to write on Him and thus I am. I had the information on Him back when a customer asked me about Him due to an experience he had where he was saved by Him from drowning or something similar.
Adrammalech is Jupiterian (Pisces, 25°- fantastic) and radical at that, like most that are associated with the Qliphoth. But He is a pagan god as mentioned before and was most likely demonized by Christians. I must point out, lastly, that a lot of Spirits in the Goetia as well as the Qliphotic rulers are either Lunar, Jupiterian or Martian. Adrammelech is good for money and overall success, aside from clairvoyance. Drawback in dealings with Him is that He holds back and restricts himself, but as He puts it “I don’t hold back, I am merely careful”. So He has rules & morals in the sense of what He will do and what He won’t; kind of funny, for a pagan God. But clearly, even Gods have morals.

PS. Moloch, who shares rule with Satan regarding Thaumiel is Martian (22° in Aries- amusement). See pagan Gods II.


The research files vol. LXV: Iapetus


I’ll be discussing another Titan God this time, and I must say that the Titans really pack a punch, they really impress me with their power. Celestials are undisputed, and infernals coming in second but man, Gods like these impress me with their power & skill.

Iapetus is the one on point today, and He was also like his brother Cronus a ruler during the golden age. He is known for his craftsmanship & mortality. All of these things are true, as Iapetus does indeed cover those things, so learning an art form, work in general, rising to the top in whatever field you wish to desire or life overall, financial success & otherwise and clairvoyance (dealings with the dead/ death). Regarding appearance, He appears as a blonde, somewhat bulky man wearing armor and a spear with a viking helmet. He also has a purple glow to Him when disappearing.

PS name means “piercer” & He’s Jupiterian (29° in Sagittarius- artist) with strong Saturnian influences (Capricorn).


Working with Bathin


I shall touch base on my work with the Goetic spirit Bathin; in short, he is the 18th spirit mentioned therein, and has as one of His specialties moving people from country to country. I needed help in this field, because I want to immigrate from my current location to a Western country; unfortunately, immigration policies in the West are impossible in terms of applying or anything similar…literally…doesn’t matter how educated, qualified, experienced or wealthy you are, the chances of successfully applying for even a tourist visa are ridiculously low. Before Bathin, I got a headache from simply looking at a western immigration website and its conditions, after Him, it all became clear; I knew what steps I needed to take and He brought numerous opportunities to me and opened doors for me etc, all the while giving me pleasant dreams that related to this topic.

Regarding appearance, Bathin took on the shape of a man riding a horse, transparent and all; others included a college student-looking man, wearing glasses and an alumni shirt etc, and lastly a renaissance-looking duke on a horse. He is Jupiterian, corresponds to the zodiac sign Sagittarius (25°), and is very powerful in getting things done. I can’t speak for His other abilities as mentioned in the Goetia, but His forte is definitely long distance travel. Below the description:

Description (Goetia)

His seal:



The Research files vol. XLVIII: Bune


I will discuss my work with the Goetic spirit Bune, who has taken over Lucifer’s tasks when it comes to the spirits that I work with. She appears as a woman to me, not that it matters, gender-wise, and a beautiful one at that, with her general gothic look.
How it happened is that I just had her appear and offer to work with me, and my financial manager supported working with Her and letting her take over from Lucifer. Funny, since I never liked Her and she didn’t appeal to me. Nevertheless, she has told me she’s a fallen angel and, although I haven’t confirmed this, because I just don’t care enough to do so, I believe Her. She also has an alternate appearance, that which the Goetia describes somewhat- a monstrous creature with three heads, one human-the other two dragons. She takes on the first demeanor for my convenience, as She states it & She can be very “ethereal”, appearing and reappearing in a fluid-like motion.

Here the description on Her from the Goetia:

Goetia description

All of these above are true, as Bune is Jupiterian (Pisces, 28°) and She is good for wealth, although not Her strong suit; She is adept at psychic affairs and related, and exceptionally skilled in general. When working with Her, money-related matters will come at the cost of minor misfortune- I’ve slammed my finger since working with Her, along with stubbing my toe, and my research also flagged that. So watch out. She honestly reminds me of other Infernal spirits, e.g. Satan & Aciel since they have that in common. Below Bune’s seals; I use the bottom one, and that one is also said to be better.

Seals, 2nd one used



The research files vol. XX: Raziel


I invoked the Archangel Raziel on the 15th of June 2017, so this year. Reason? I wanted to improve my skills & I have unfortunately  reached my limit as a mage. There is such a thing, yes. As I mention in a previous article, I am not able summon more energy than I can handle, as the regular mage is subject to. I wanted to become stronger and more power, thereby leading to more effective rituals with better results.

I used Jupiterian correspondences, since Neptune has no place in the seven days out of which a week is made up, and Neptune is the modern ruler of the zodiac sign Pisces, and Jupiter the classical ruler. It went well and when I did so, he appeared as a large man in blue robe with brown sandals, and gold-plated bangles. He looks different from other Archangels. He had long, black hair that looked wet. Plus, he looked older & wore a thorn crown similar to the one Jesus wore during the Crucifixion. He appeared really tall in the beginning (3 or 4 meters tall), but took a smaller shape for my convenience. So shrunk himself. He had a staff in this hand with a corn-looking top & looked native american. Most angels that I invoke look like men in their 20’s, but he looked more like 40.

I wanted Him to either teach me how to reach my goal or bestow that trait upon me; his reaction “You can choose; I can either give you what you want or teach you how to do so but I prefer the former”. “Don’t expect wondrous things however, an average amount of power will be given to you”. Results would be visible after 2 weeks, but I like the fact that now, after 10 days, I can conclude this operation a success already. Funny thing is that he tickled me a few hours beforehand. I was lying down and felt a strong tickle under my knees, but nothing was there. I was almost like a snake bit me there, but in a good way.

What have I seen in the form of results? My invocations are more intense for one; Since Him, I have invoked about 4 spirits. First one was the Goetia spirit Zepar and I held the ritual in an hour where Mars ruled, since I didn’t want to wait until the Sun had its turn. To my amazement, Zepar showed me red wings instead of his golden ones. I’m talking fully red and made the comment, when I was recording an audio entry for a customer for which I invoked him that he wasn’t a demon. Me: “I invoked the demon Zepar for you”…I hear all of a sudden “I’m not a demon”.
2nd one was the archangel Anael; He looked different too this time; clothing was thicker and a few other minor differences. Plus he gave me some intense dreams, for the first time. Never before has he done so.
3rd, was the archangel Zadkiel; he too, looked different. Wasn’t Caucasian this time and dressed more elaborate too. Plus he told me when I had a goal for myself in mind where the law applied, “I’m not going to do anything illegal for you”..I had not even asked Him. I was pondering what I should do and all of a sudden I hear that.
Last one was Sitri and oh boy…This was the 2nd time I have invoked Sitri and talk about an intense ritual. I almost puked.

The other thing is that I have been seeing a lot more astral activity too, and am able to sense congestion in the air, astrally. I can “hear” energy at work, which wasn’t the case before.

So there you have it; success, once again. Thank you, Raziel. 

The research files vol. XIV: Zadkiel


I invoked the Archangel Zadkiel or Tzadqiel for one of my customers over a week ago, 9 days ago, to be exact. He is know as the Archangel of Jupiter and therefore the one best suited in my opinion for this work. The task or goal is a big one; my customer and friend lives in Toronto, Canada and wants his own house; see here to see what the avg. housing costs are there. Yikes indeed.

This was something that he needed and was not out of greed, otherwise I might have gone with an infernal spirit. But I love Angels for their power & stability. When I invoked Zadkiel, he took on the appearance of a Caucasian male with black hair and dark blue eyes & apparel. He held a pair of scales/ lantern in his hand and a spear/ rod. His footwear was black (sandals) and dark blue angelic huge wings. His hair changed sometimes from curly to long and the lantern emitted 3 types of light: sometimes multi-colored, yellow or blue. His voice was strong, clear and sure and what I loved about it, is that it produced a silencing effect; when he spoke, it was like every other sound in the world stopped and I was in a cave. He told me that my customer & friend can take a year’s notice and will help him. Lastly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye when I was recording the audio entry on this ritual, and when I looked back I saw a huge, moth-like creature, the size of an adult dog. It dissipated after a few seconds, but I loved that, seeing it.


Since then my friend has told me that he has seen physical moths everywhere pretty much; they pop up regularly. I will keep an eye on matters as I always do. This is a long term goal, but things are looking good so far.

Tzadqiel's seal

My one-night stand with Lilith


I will give a summary of my work with Lilith in this article; for those that do not know what/ who Lilith is, she is a demoness of significant importance and seen as the grand lady of all demons. See this Wiki page.

Lilith corresponds to Jupiter with Pisces as a zodiac sign(21°); her Lunar influence is so strong that it can safely be considered that she is Lunar in nature rather than Jupiterian, hence me also working with Moon- correspondences in this ritual. Her skills are that she is the mistress of clairvoyance. My reason for invoking her to begin with was because I was inspired by another article I read online on her briefly and wanted to know what I would stand to gain from a one-time ritual. The answer was, to my surprise, a welcome boost in intuitive and psychic skills. I went ahead with the ritual & it was not at all like I anticipated; I felt a calm & cool energy come over me and she confirmed everything, along with asking me questions on my bond with Samael which is her husband. Interesting to note that she also has Aries-related skills (of a physical nature, aggression etc.), which were adopted and influenced by him albeit to a lesser degree. Her voice is calm, and soothing. She appeared as an empress, wearing completely black like a Goth figure and also as the modern tomboy-ish woman, very attractive. Also briefly as a Coral snake. She has also told me that she does not like spicy food (which I offered) and is more fond of fluids like soup etc. but will accept it this time since I didn’t know.

In return for my offerings, she did as she promised and the consequence is that I saw results within 2 days; I have become more detail-conscious in my workings since that, along with the fact that I started audio recordings of my rituals which is inspired by her. I have experienced an increase in my astral senses, seeing clear layers of energy. The only drawback is that this came at the cost of rage and fits of anger I experienced every now & then.