Why traditional grimoire magick is overrated


It has come to mind that traditional grimoire magick in my honest opinion is overrated. Most occultists out there have seen more than their fair share of manuscripts where you need the magic circle, the wand and are supposed to recite incantations to coerce or force demons etc. to do your bidding.

The truth is that this classical method of summoning is, in comparison to modern summoning, impractical and rigid to say the least. Think of it this way: You need to commute to work every day, taking the bus is modern summoning & buying your own car is trad. grimoire magick; with the first one, you are not doing anything uncommon, but it’s easy and convenient. You don’t have to worry about maintenance or expenses, you just pay the dollar or cents (or whatever bus fare is in general) and done.
With the latter, your own car, you will have to take out a loan to pay for it which will take up a good deal of your salary; next from that, you will have to spend money too on maintenance costs, fuel etc.
Which one is better and easier at first glance? This is strictly my own opinion and others may disagree and to each his/ her own. But “modern magick” is the most practical, does it not look that way? With trad. magick, you have to fast, pray and cleanse yourself from sin mentally & physically in the most extremes of ways, which is very hard to do for the average person in society. Not to mention of course the expenses and all the effort of obtaining the ritual tools needed, that are more often than not exotic and hard to acquire.
With modern summoning, all can be done in one day in general and the results are the same, if any. As little as possible can be spent and one needs to have the necessary clairvoyant faculties which can be obtained via training. The one benefit that comes to mind for trad. magick is that you don’t need to do so. Following the instructions should be enough.

Point is that one can catch just as many bees with a simple net, and not need to buy the “bee-catcher 2000” to do so.

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