Beware of misinformation


I’m just going to straight out say it, the way I nearly always do; There is a shit-ton of misinformation out there!!!!

Be very, very aware of, regarding the occult, what you believe in terms of what you read online because the absolute majority of it is straight up nonsense. There are people out there that will have offensive, hogwash- based content or statements that for example an Angel used to be a pagan god, a year has zodiacal affiliations, that a planet that deals with death and negativity brings health & success and related.

How do you recognize misinformation from legit material? If the author or creator can actually explain in detail what time it is and how everything fits together and how it’s valid in relation to his content.

I’m not boasting for myself (but I don’t care who thinks I do either), but my content is legit all the way regarding credibility; if I was wrong regarding something (that day has yet to come, lol) I shall be the first one to admit it.

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