Working with the Destroyer


I would like to share my experiences in working with the Archangel Samael in this article.
Samael,for those that don’t know is the Archangel ruling Mars(also known as the opposer,accuser etc.)
A mistake that many make is confusing Samael with Satan & being a demon while he is both good & Evil in nature. I won’t get into detail regarding this. Those that want to know more can follow this link.


My thanks go out to occultist & author Aaron Leitch for providing an invocation ritual; i adapted his petition to suit my own needs and because it seems wiser to use it in order to add more power to the invocation ritual  rather than writing my own. May this be used by others & become stronger over time due to its multitude use.

The ritual can be found here.

I will remain loyal to Him my entire life(even existence) & have nothing to complain so far; this is my most successful project yet; i am getting all I’ve asked for.I have been working with him since November 2015 & the first 2 rituals were the most intense.He clearly made himself known(noises,energy,seeing a giant dark figure etc),and i felt a bit intimidated even.What i love is the fact that i could see & feel results so quickly(already after the 2nd ritual).Since that time other things have happened such as vivid symbolic dreams and all.
I will point out though that He is more efficient when it comes to Mars matters(kind of a “duh” statement for the experienced);strength,protection,ferocity to name a few.



For me this is only the beginning,yet it feels like I’ve been working with Him for years.
I can barely believe that it’s only been a few months.

I will close with this: Big results require more time & more sacrifices.What you give is what you get.


Update video as of Aug. 9th, 2018



6 thoughts on “Working with the Destroyer

  1. Kate-Lynn Borges

    Your occult oasis page and Youtube channel brought me here and Im learning soo much about Lord Samaul he’s apart of my life to and you have showed me as powerful his energy is not to be afraid to know he is a protecter and my main goal is to make him my Patron.

  2. Vince Cashmere

    I am thankful for this information Morino.Very attracted to Arch Angels you’ve spoken of and especially Samael .
    Sincerely, Jerry O’Donnell
    You are not out of my mind when I am able to ask for assistance in invoking and or having these Spirits brought into my life for help. On several levels ! When able to provide proper means. PATIENCE…. Is not easy.

    Thank You

  3. Michael todd

    I love working with him as well. I call him kamiel. His energy fells very hot and relaxing for me . I’ve worked with kamiel on house cleansings and for breaking bad habits. all very successful. thanks for sharing my brother. LVX

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