Working with the Destroyer: Lord Samael


I would like to share my experiences in working with the Archangel Samael in this article.
Samael, for those that don’t know is the Archangel ruling Mars (also known as the opposer, accuser etc.) A mistake that many make is confusing Samael with Satan & being a demon while he is both good & Evil in nature. I won’t get into detail regarding this. Those that want to know more can follow this link.

See here for pictures of His items and me posing with them.

My thanks go out to occultist & author Aaron Leitch for providing an invocation ritual; I adapted his petition to suit my own needs and because it seems wiser to use it in order to add more power to the invocation ritual  rather than writing my own. May this be used by others & become stronger over time due to its multitude use.

The ritual can be found here.

I will remain loyal to Him my entire life (even existence) & have nothing to complain so far; this is my most successful project yet; I am getting all I’ve asked for. I have been working with him since November 2015 & the first 2 rituals were the most intense. He clearly made himself known (noises, energy, seeing a giant dark figure etc.), and I felt a bit intimidated even. What I love is the fact that I could see & feel results so quickly (already after the 2nd ritual). Since that time, other things have happened such as vivid symbolic dreams and all.

I will point out though that He is more efficient when it comes to Mars matters (kind of a “duh” statement for the experienced); strength, protection, ferocity to name a few; so things of an offensive and defensive nature- aside from that, Samael also deals with Karma and working it out, dominion over death (since the angel of death falls under Him, see video for more info on that), and carnal lust (sex). In general, He appears as a huge Caucasian man, muscular & tall wearing a black robe with short, curly blond hair.

For me this is only the beginning, yet it feels like I’ve been working with Him for years.
I can barely believe that it’s only been a few months.
I will close with this: Big results require more time & more sacrifices. What you give is what you get.

My storyline regarding Him over time:

Working With The Destroyer Ii: My Beloved Lord Samael

Hi again all,

In this article I will continue on the path that I have chosen with my number one priority in life, or at the very least occult life, which is my Patron, Lord Samael.

It has been over a year since I wrote the last article and although I haven’t been able to make significant improvements to my work with him, things have been going great. I am getting all I ask for and have absorbed his Martian influence considerably. I have not been able to keep track of the goal that I long for him to accomplish the most which is destroying my enemies but I am not worried since he guaranteed me that all will come in time; besides, it would be unfair of me to ask him to destroy around 100 people with what I’m offering him. Things that have gone for the better is him guiding me during summonings of other spirits; I place the items that I will use before an invocation of a new spirit on his altar in order to consecrate it, which is going great. I am also telepathically connected to him which enables me to not only communicate with him through the mind but also to other spirits as well. He has come to me on different occasions, for example when I was sick and told me that it was Karmic and I will have to “toughen it out”; I had food poisoning due to the fact that I bought too much food outdoors instead of cooking. On another occasion I saw him briefly beside my bed in the appearance of a knight keeping watch over me. I offered him Martian oil & Dragons Blood incense recently and I love the pure feeling of horror & dread that comes over me, like there is a giant standing behind me that has the power to wipe out an entire continent. I have also offered honey & alcohol which has boosted my health considerably overall. I haven’t been sick for, I think, longer then a year where I used to get sick once or twice a year by default. I also added the first pentacle of Mars from the GKoS which serves as a welcome amplifier. Lastly, in the past weeks he has shown me great things, but albeit things that would scare the living crap out of other people; him beheading Christ to show me that he has to be resurrected repeatedly, showing me the 5th heaven from my perspective (which looks like Eden really) and that he also has a certain influence over Thagirion; He also of course has a friendly side and referred me to Uriel for astrology if I wanted to & Michael to a lesser degree and said that despite their differences they’re still brothers and stood beside them. He can, negatively, be stubborn and demanding on occasion but I don’t mind. I also shortened my oration to him since the first and original was way to long.

Oration (short)

My Beloved Lord Samael Iii: Deep Contact

A year and a half now with Him as my Patron and I cannot get enough. I have had to enjoy Him destroying my number one enemy and Him showing me her in a flash, as he crippled her mentally & physically. I love destroying enemies and He does so very well, without mercy. He has also shown himself to me in a more human form as a buff, strong man that will make you look in awe as well as shiver, the blonde Adonis type with one or more swords in his hands while Geburah burns in the background. Interesting thing too, is the fact that he gave me a dream in which he was a black serpent, crawling on the floor of my elderly home and me staring from the balcony outside. He then perceived to climb a tree and jumped towards me, landed on me and wrapped himself around my neck & told me that we were destined to be together. I love these kind of vivid dreams, as even when I woke up, I could still feel the coils and smell the Martian scent oh so strongly around me, as well as him standing behind me. He gave me another one too, in which my “ability” for receiving astral messages was tested; I dreamt that someone had died in a village in the rain-forest that I found myself in and when awake, he told me “just checking to see how well you can receive messages in case or when I need to do someone in for you”.

He oversees every ritual and gives me pointers where necessary, will tell me too when to “wrap things up” and related; I’m doing great too, health-wise as I have gotten sick only once in this past year and a half, and even then, it was merely a small case of the flu that went away in a day or three. It will never be enough for me, as I want and will keep wanting more from Him. I finally managed to buy two delicious Katanas for him, and they look mighty fine on His altar.

My Beloved Lord Samael Iv: Desolation

One of the most satisfying things for me is destroying an enemy; I love watching someone that has wronged me put in his/ her place and suffer indescribably. Work continues with my invaluable and #1 priority in existence, my reason for existing: My beloved Lord Samael. The most important goal I attach value to is Him decimating my foes, and he has done just that. I like the fact that things are going at a brisk pace; 3 of my enemies have been dealt with and it just keeps going on & on. The first one has been crippled mentally as well as physically, the second’s life has been undone and he’ll end up in the gutter, and the third one the same. The fourth one is being dealt with. At this rate, I’ll have successfully squashed every ass wipe that has made the grievous error of crossing my path.

I like the sleek look too that my Lord has, dressing fancier the last time I saw Him, wearing a neat pair of black pants over his black robe, while holding his huge sword. My health keeps improving too, as I’ve noticed that I have gained 2 waist sizes. I can’t wait until I shift my total attention, focus & resources on Him. Things are bound or apt to go at lightning speeds then.  My Lord has made Zachariah, that Seraphim angel I invoked long ago, compliant too. He is very helpful now and willing to work with me. I love you, My Lord; my loyalty for you, now and always.

My Beloved Lord Samael V: Completion

I’m proud to announce that my Lord Samael has wiped out every enemy I have and dealt with every other person that has wronged me. My no. 1 goal with Him has come to completion, and the goal that I longed for the most to be accomplished. It’s been a little over 2 years, that’s how how long it took, including other things He’s given me. It is done in any case, as I’ve traumatized, institutionalized and placed my foes in the gutter for the rest of their lives. Excellent 😎. It is done, finally. It must have been close to a hundred people, with about fifteen severely dealt with. Now then….

I will become stronger as that will be my focus with Him; to become indestructible, figuratively speaking. I’m grinning as I’m thinking of the levels of power He’ll bestow upon me as I’m just getting started, and so is He. Nevertheless, marvelous and I almost want to open a bottle of champagne, but he insists I don’t waste money at this time. I’m so content right now. Feel so joyful & euphoric. Oh, my beloved Lord Samael; I will honor you like no other.

Update video as of Aug. 9th, 2018

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9 thoughts on “Working with the Destroyer: Lord Samael

  1. Frances DeJesus

    I had something that resembled a ritual with a man that was drunk. He told me about Samael. But I didn’t learn as much from Him as to begin a real path.
    What should I do? I try to do things on my own. I am also not from Mars. Why did this spirit come?

  2. Kate-Lynn Borges

    Your occult oasis page and Youtube channel brought me here and Im learning soo much about Lord Samaul he’s apart of my life to and you have showed me as powerful his energy is not to be afraid to know he is a protecter and my main goal is to make him my Patron.

  3. Vince Cashmere

    I am thankful for this information Morino.Very attracted to Arch Angels you’ve spoken of and especially Samael .
    Sincerely, Jerry O’Donnell
    You are not out of my mind when I am able to ask for assistance in invoking and or having these Spirits brought into my life for help. On several levels ! When able to provide proper means. PATIENCE…. Is not easy.

    Thank You

  4. Michael todd

    I love working with him as well. I call him kamiel. His energy fells very hot and relaxing for me . I’ve worked with kamiel on house cleansings and for breaking bad habits. all very successful. thanks for sharing my brother. LVX

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