The research files vol. XVII: Zepar


I came across the goetic spirit Zepar when I needed a spirit for a customer that wanted her love life helped or boosted; she wanted someone in particular, but my collection of candidates did not appeal to me as much. I flipped through the Goetia and I saw his name and seal, and for some reason I felt strangely drawn to it. Up to this date, I have assigned 5 projects to Zepar; 2 are ongoing, 2 have been canceled and he has been called back & 1 has been successful. The last one got some, in the sense that he got back with his ex and they “did it”. The canceled ones are due to the customers not living up to made agreements. We shall see how the ongoing ones turn out.

Regarding Zepar, the Goetia mention that he is a Duke, will appear as a soldier in red and has the ability to make women love men and make people barren or infertile. He did take that appearance more or less indeed when I invoked him; a soldier dressed in medieval harness with a red feather on his helmet. He speaks with 2 voices, the one is more soldier-like, and the other more hunter-like. He has told me that he has ties to Mars and appears to have a golden wings and a golden/ reddish glow about him. He is Solar in nature (17°) and therefore has golden wings. Interestingly, he held a sword in his hands in the beginning, but held a rifle when I lastly invoked him. His harness creaks the same way as a real one would when he walks. He was unable to read my thoughts in the beginning and read & made assumptions as he stated “based on my body language”. He is able to do so now, however, since we have gotten better acquainted. His energy is radiating, but has a unique feel to it. The temperature in the room increased too, the first time.

An idea on what he looks like:







-Update per 9/16/2018-


I have worked with Zepar a good deal of times, and He has shared a good deal with me which I’ve confirmed; first off, He covers all things assigned to the Sun (e.g. healing, money) aside from the other matters mentioned before. Secondly, He has told me that He used to belong to the Order of Powers and doesn’t like to be called a demon because it’s insulting to Him, since He was “an elite one” (His own words); fallen one is okay with Him. He appears as reddish (a lot of Solar infernals are) because the dark side, or infernal side of the Sun aligns well with Mars in nature. This is why He carries a lot of weapons (sword, rifle, musket etc.). He falls under Metatron.

Zepar does well for customers, so no fuss.


Update as per 2022= Zepar has showed me His Angelic form, an Angel dressed in white primarily with a red aura, and the symbol of a red sun anywhere (generally speaking on His breastplate).

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